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A lot of villains have come and gone, but
Heath Ledger’s Joker is probably in the Top 5 bad guys that have ever been in a movie. And now, the buzz is about Jared Leto taking
over the role. People are questioning whether or not he can
fill Ledger’s shoes, so let’s take a moment to talk about what made Ledger’s character
so ledgendary, and some places where Leto could actually pass him up. Alright first, we tend to chalk up every feeling
we have about a character to the actor’s performance. But those feelings come from MANY other places. An actor can certainly perform believably,
but the character has to be WRITTEN with a consistent and believable personality too. The Nolans did this with Heath’s Joker, giving
him a chaotic approach to everything, including his own face. On top of that, they understood something
deeper. Writers are often taught that they should
have all kinds of backstory for their characters. But you don’t really have to. What you need is to have a sense of background
to what they say and do. That’s what makes them feel real. And with Ledger’s Joker, you never HEAR any
of his actual backstory, but there are hints that there’s more to him then we know. “I hated my father!” And a HINT of both good and bad traits. Making him mysterious and interesting, BUT
ALSO with believable dimension. I don’t think you could realistically do this
better, but Leto’s Joker could MATCH this stuff. Because a lot of it is well-known characterization. So let’s go further. Mystery isn’t the only thing that draws us
to someone. There’s also how able they are as a person. And this is something that Ledger’s character
had OVER previous Jokers. He was YOUNGER, better-looking, had long-hair,
and was physically tough. On top of that, he was clever, fearless, and
of course light-hearted. All of which was specifically shown in what
he did. And those things made us LIKE seeing him. Unlike, for example, BANE. Jared Leto has an equally good look, and a
lot of the other things are standard Joker traits, so I’ll bet he’ll have those too. BUT, there’s other things the filmmakers must
do that aren’t so obvious. Like for example, the sounds you hear when
a character’s on-screen. “People say, ‘Oh Quentin, you were really
scary as Richie and everything.’ Well, it’s easy when everytime I have my eyelids
move, you play this surround sound WHOOSH.” “You know what that whoosh is…” This applies just as much to the Ledger Joker’s
theme. On top of that, a HUGE part of our reaction
to a villain is based on what he gets to do. Looking dangerous means nothing if you don’t
back it up. And Heath Ledger’s Joker robs banks, burns
mountains of money, blows-up buildings, take over the media, creates Two-Face, and more. ALL…with essentially no resources. “Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets.” This makes him seem like an EXTREMELY impactful
person. And, when he does those things, there are
some strong ideas involved, which most writers know as themes. These make a story intellectually satisfying,
but also they give the sense of the character having greater principles, which makes them
seem smarter. I think the new filmmakers will have to be
careful about this if they want Leto’s Joker to approach that level. Because while explosions are easy to see,
the REASON behind them is not, but is just as important. Now, as we’ve said here, our feelings about
movies are inseparable from the real world. And we have to mention Heath Ledger’s death. It was tragic, and left an emotional attachment
to his performance that’s unmatchable. But, to even approach that place in people’s
heart, Leto’s character would have to take on greater significance. Like if he’s the lynchpin of DC’s movie universe,
and fans associate him with the entire brand. Otherwise, he’s got no chance. HOWEVER, having said that, nothing’s perfect,
and there ARE actually spots where Leto’s Joker could actually do BETTER than Ledger’s. Particularly, in how he interacts with Batman. One of the KEY roles of a villain is to bring
out the hero’s good traits. Different villains tend to bring out different
ones. When the hero wins BECAUSE of those traits,
we feel emotional confirmation that having that good trait pays off. In the Dark Knight, the Joker doesn’t do this. He lets Batman show that he’s incorruptible. “You won’t kill me.” But we knew that. “I won’t kill you.” And Batman doesn’t get to be active or clever,
and at points does nothing but clean up after the Joker. “Which one you goin’ after?” “Rachel!” The people of Gotham, show themselves to be
better than the Joker thought, but the Joker doesn’t lose because of that either. He’s defeated because Batman pokes him in
the eye. So like we say the Joker steals the show,
but it’s not the best result. Because BATMAN is the one who’s supposed to
draw us to the next film. So in that, we have that bit of daylight,
where Leto’s Joker can potentially give us more than Heath’s, IF they match what was
already there. But given the incredible amount of things
that they pulled off with Heath Ledger’s character, that task is no laughing matter. Thanks.

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  1. Leto's Joker had a divirsified execution and wasn't so bad like everyone think. But just Heath Ledger's joker is a exception.

  2. There is broad of difference when you actually acting as like actually acting or becoming the real character itself when acting

  3. Ledger's joker really portrayed that he was toying with Batman simply because he could and because he gave him some resistance he had to be extra clever to overcome.
    Leto's joker is straight up crazy and gives me some serious goosebumps and makes me feel so incredible uncomfortable. I wouldn't even let him handle a pen, let alone trust him enough to go within five feet off him.

    Ledger's show intelligence and a playful side, he toys with people because he knows he got the brain to do it and does it with very little resources. Leto's uses fear and his joker's unpredictability to control people and twist their minds to do his bidding, he probably even uses it to get funds for his crazy ass plans.

  4. The Dark knight really wasn't to show batman's resolution, it was the joker's impact on him that brought out ledgers character

  5. I hate this video, not because of what you said about heath compared to leto or the fact that you compared them at all, but what you’re final statements were. Using the scenes where joker says “you have nothing to threaten me with” and down playing it. That was one of the best scenes in the movie! The whole point of an antagonist is to exploit the protagonist’s weaknesses, he does exactly that. Joker and batman constantly come into conflict in this movie because they both want to mould Gotham in their own ways. Joker wants chaos, batman wants order. And joker wins, although batman saves the people – joker still proves his point of the best of them turning evil “with one bad day” through Harvey dent. Leto could never come close to what Heath did and I think it’s not right to say no one will ever, because new talent is being made everyday, but it’s definitely gonna be a hard act to match.

  6. Ledger is the GOD of villains in any comic movie. That man just embodied the Joker. He was such a talent and it's so sad that he only got to dawn that persona once. R.I.P. Heath, your work will stand the test of time or any other takes on what you perfected.

  7. I see this video and i go sarcastically wow i wonder who’s better but sarcastically it’s Leto obviously

    I’m just kidding ledger is the best joker since like ever

  8. fuck y'all who hate leto if you had a brain then you can conclude" this is director and casting management fault"

  9. For someone who have said so much good stuff for most of the video, your last assessment was pretty poor. The reason Batman is driven by raw emotions during the interrogation is because the Joker hit him in the soft spot. That was Bruce Wayne losing control of the situation, not Batman. And the Joker does win. He did not turn Batman or Gotham citizens into bad guys, but he did that with Harvey Dent, who was the paragon for good that the Joker ruined.

  10. Wait Jared lotos joker was very very very good. It wasn’t the same type of Joker in the first place. Jared was extremely good

  11. People are so triggered in this comment section lol they‘re acting as if leto did the shittiest job playing the joker

  12. I feel bad for many actors that would want to be The Joker. Because everyone will look to Heath Ledger's version as the "Be All, End All." Now don't get me wrong I love Ledger's version as everybody else, but Letos' version I feel has promise too if given a better script and so on.

  13. Dude, the joker was always physically tough. One of his defining characteristics is that he's unusually skills at hand-to-hand combat and with knives. Also, his challenge to batman was control, batman was trying to control gotham and the joker was trying to show him that his attempts at controlling anything are ultimately fruitless.

  14. LETO already said that he had given suicide squad the best he ever could BUT THE MOVIE CREW DID NOT show it in the final cut.
    They didn't even give him enough screen time because there were too many characters.

  15. i feel like leto didnt play a bad joker.
    i just think that he just didnt get enough screen time to show what he could actually do as the joker

  16. I dont think anyone can match ledger joker role,,, infact after ledger joker, that character should be retired,,,,,,,,, because is very tuff to match even 60% of ledger role

  17. Fucking haters. I wonder how letos feels about you negative people. You will only know how he feels if you love what you do and your in a big spotlight doing something. But because he's replacing the ledgers you guys are bashing him etc.. look at it from his perspective.

  18. hmm, I'm very disappointed for a vs topic being so 1 sided…I was skeptical of both ledger's and leto's joker, I have grown
    to appreciate ledger's joker but leto's is definitive…I've seen 1 comment say if joker was gay than it would be leto's, perhaps
    you were expecting another batman vs Joker movie which suicide squad was never intended to be, in fact leto's joker was
    concerned with Harley not obsessed with batman which was the antagonist while Joker and Harley were just living, that's
    the opposite of gay if you're still bi curious…perhaps clear up that cognitive dissonance that the Joker only exists for batman,
    that you have any clue as to the Joker when you're just batman fanboys, batman is flamboyantly gay in his penis car and boy
    sidekick, Joker likes pussy unlike batman and apparently you also, don't get it twisted because you are twisted…

  19. So all the ledger fanboys, firstly why don't you dig him up and suck him off…how can you say he was the joker when he couldn't
    handle it..? also they say ledger's joker won but how, he didn't get batman to kill him nor Gotham to exile batman, all he did was get caught.
    Whereas Leto's Joker was true to form, definitive and no matter how much they tried to stop him in suicide squad he kept coming back
    and the movie ended with him getting what he was after he had won…you wanted to see another batman vs Joker movie and see the Joker fail, you don't know Jack…

  20. Well anyone who disagree. A villian is one who shows hero you are not one of them, and you cannot do what a villian can. And now the havoc continues….. He played with minds of people and there was a point when audience too believed that there is a joker beneath everyone

  21. I watch this channel called channel pup (check him out) and he brought up a good point: Leto from here on out shall now be called…The Joke

  22. the dark knight isn't about batman…. it's about the joker as seen through the batman's eyes. his greatest weakness. the one he could never touch no matter what he did. the joker didn't bring out the good traits in batman, he brought out all the worst. gutted him. left him exposed and open. he showed the batman that nobody really wins, which is why the defeat of the joker isn't spectacular or extravagant but rather melancholic. the batman never won.

  23. You’re wrong mate, the Dark Knight is about joker exposing Batman’s weaknesses to prove to Gotham that everyone is evil.
    Joker shows Batman’s selfishness by saying that he will stop killing people if batman takes off his mask when joker knows he won’t.
    Joker exposes Batman’s lack of restraint when he tells batman and essentially the cops that he knows about him and Rachel.
    Joker even exposes that batman is corruptible by making Dent mad and batman then having to kill Harvey to save Gotham’s soul.
    However the genius behind it is that beside all of these flaws, batman is doing it all for the protection of Gotham. He needs Rachel to continue as batman and Gotham needs Batman to survive the ongoing criminal threat. Batman doesn’t take off his mask so that Gotham has a protector in case the Joker has a change of heart and unpredictably doesn’t stop killing people. Batman kills Harvey Dent so that Gotham’s white knight can be seen as the white knight forever in Gotham’s eyes.
    This film is about Batman’s flaws and despite the fact that the Joker manages to prove to batman that everyone is corruptible, batman still manages to hide it by having the courage and respect for Harvey to take the blame.

  24. You were quite wrong man..
    The movie is called the Dark Knight for a reason.
    Ledger's Joker is iconic as a supervillain because he DOES NOT bring out the hero's key traits. I get it, it may have been so in traditional comic books but this is different.
    The hero never gets to triumph, no. The Joker creates such moral scenarios where these traits appear meaningless. The Joker created Two Face out of idealistic, do-gooder Harvey Dent. He was devoid of any remorse. In what were seemingly his last moments, he showed everyone what he really was with his gleeful cackle. The evil genius Joker still won in the end. He was right and he succeeded by turning the best of the lot Harvey into evil Two Face. Harvey was his ace in the hole. He showed Batman that not even Batman himself was pure in his justice, when Batman went to save Rachel. Joker proved his point and showed just how much ahead of the curve he really is.

  25. U can’t really compare them their to different types of joker one the insane crime boss second the insane psychopath it’s like comparing the three jokers against eachother

  26. Okey!!!! We shouldn't compare them with each other.. I mean we all know that Heath Ledger joker is a legend but also leto is not a bad joker at all… After all he also had to work hard for being joker and we should appreciate their hard work…..and leto is not a bad actor he played joker very well …appreciate their work!!!! =) Ly J

  27. Remember how everyone went mad when they found out the health ledger would be playing the joker and people were so hype when letto was to play him. Oh how the table turned lmao

  28. Hey. Jared Leto is trash joker . Try finding something else to compare little Leto to.

    30 seconds to Mars also sucks.



  30. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha 😂 Leto vs Ledger! Some1 actually made this?! Hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha! I didn't even watch this & I'm howling! 🤣🤪

  31. Heaths Joker was TERRIBLE, i refuse to jump on that bandwagon. I tried watching and had to walk out. Even got my money refunded. Heath was all over the place, trying too hard and failing miserably. Joker was a role that was simply too big for him, shame it was his last. Jared Leto, on the other hand, NAILED it. He got the look right, the personality right, hell, he even got the laugh right. It was a joy to watch his performance. The most accurate portrayal of the Joker character EVER

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