Lesson 4. Patterns and candlestick analysis. Education by Olymp Trade

pattern candlestick analysis is an effective technical analysis method analyzing Japanese candlesticks involves identifying certain models that help predict future market fluctuations models or patterns are special combinations of Japanese candlesticks that form on the support and resistance levels during and trend reversal if you learn to notice them in time you’ll be able to open profitable trades and predict price movements before other traders bullish models that format the support levels signal that a downward trend is being replaced by an upward trend the most effective are inverted hammer dervish / ami bullish engulfing tammer tweezer bearish patterns can be seen when a chart turns downward at the resistance levels examples bearish harami shooting star evening star bearish engulfing we’ve talked about the most common and frequently used patterns you’ll often find them on any assets chart regardless of the time frame and the next lesson will introduce you to another technical analysis method indicator analysis which is based on mathematical formulas

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