Legit Survey Sites | $50 Per Day Via PayPal Taking Online Surveys

hey what’s going on guys today we’re
looking at legit survey sites I’m gonna go over a website that you guys can use
to make 50 dollars or more per day straight to your PayPal account taking
surveys watching videos doing other fun things on your computer so the top over
to my office so I can show you how to get started alright guys i’m jr and welcome to my
channel today we’re taking a look at a website called irazoo irazoo com legit
survey site and they pay out in gift cards and cash straight to your PayPal
account just for completing small tasks like taking surveys watching videos or
playing games on your computer or smartphone
they’ve been featured on Yahoo see and then the penny hoarder so you guys know
it’s legit and the way it works is very simple all you do is sign up create a
free account after that you’re gonna complete these small tasks to start
earning points that later you can go ahead and redeem for gift cards or real
cash to your PayPal account to sign up just click on join right here at the top
right hand side after that excuse me after that you can use your Facebook
account or email to create an account and login to your back-office that’s
gonna look like this so here’s my back-office guys as you can see I’ve
already earned a hundred and forty two points and they have a very beginner
friendly back office here’s the navigation bar on the left hand side and
you can choose what you want to do for today so for example if you want to play
games if you want to answer surveys complete upper walls or watch videos
just click on one of these it’s gonna show you the tasks that are available
and how many points you’re gonna earn right here on the right hand side
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income straight from my computer guys all right now back to this video so
again guys taking a look at I Roger all you have to do is click on what you want
to do for today so for example if you guys wanted to do surveys click on
surveys you’re gonna see what’s available for you to pour today and how
many points you’re gonna earn for it now depending on your location where you’re
at you might not qualify for the survey so just go ahead and click on it this
little box is gonna pop up right here it’s gonna ask you a few basic questions
like your name where you’re from your age and it’s gonna let you know if you
qualify for the survey or not after that you can take the survey and start
earning some points one of my favorite things to do is just watch videos guys
it’s low on points but it’s very easy to do so all you have to do is click on
that right there it pops up the box for you where again it’s gonna start playing
a video and that’s gonna start earning you reward points guys that you can go
ahead and redeem so just click on that right there click on redeem and it sends
them over to your IRA account so let me exit that out guys now another way to
start earning some points guys is just visit their Facebook page so as you can
see right here I’m on the I razza Facebook page and today that they added
this promo code right here so all you have to do is copy and paste this promo
code onto your back-office I already did and I earned an extra 15 points just for
that right there guys so they’re giving you guys free points straight from their
Facebook page guys so check out their Facebook page and turn the promo code
right here and after that it’s gonna give you some free points just for that
another way to earn some more points just click right here where it says
refer friends and you can start referring their family members your
friends to IRAs ooh and once they sign up they’re gonna get an extra 500 points
themself guys once they complete a couple tasks themselves you’re gonna
earn anywhere between a hundred to five hundred points just for that guy’s just
for referring friends so it’s gonna be one of the easiest ways you can earn
some extra points and make some extra money on IRA’s ooh
once you earned enough points and you’re ready to redeem them click right here
where it says rewards store and after that you can go ahead and redeem them
cash out with an Amazon gift card an iTunes gift card Starbucks or like I
mentioned if you want to do PayPal just click on all rewards right here and
click on Pay Pal as you can see you can earn up to $50 guys or
20 bucks just for earning points guys on IRA’s ooh now just like any other survey
website guys it is very time-consuming guys you are gonna have to put a lot of
time into playing these games you know watching these videos to start earning
the points and making the money guys if you guys want to know the best way to
spend your time guys again just click that first link in my description and
check that training video out to find out how to spend your time in the most
efficient way to make the most amount of money and all right guys that’s
basically it for this video I’m gonna leave a link to I Razoo down in my
description down below so you can check it out straight after this video right
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