Legal Digital Crypto – Edinar Coin

so what is pretty party it’s a digital
asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using freedom cryptography to
secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the
currency seems to be complicated right did you understand anything did you no
me neither so yeah it’s kind of complicated that’s
why I would like to explain it in an easier way so let’s imagine it’s a great
day we’re sitting in the Nusa Dua on the cart or the bench in the park and I have
fun Apple and I’m giving you one at home so right now you have one and I have
zero that’s simple right and so the Apple is yours
you can do everything with it you can now give it to your friend your friend
now can give it to his friend and so on so that’s how the impersonal exchange
looks like and I guess it’s really the same if I give you an apple or banana or
a dollar bill the money right dollar bill so with a in digital system with
cryptocurrency the cryptocurrency insurance works if the currency digital
money that was created from codes by properness
so in a digital cryptocurrency system they exchanged likely situations with
Apple it’s exactly the same but we do work for example 100 equals or million
apples were 0.1 apples so we can act it and for example
you teach the level let’s say like that even for example few we’re somewhere in
Alaska and I’m on my way to a walk so no distance and no bullets needed the
advantages of the cryptocurrency is the exponent
the first one is financial independence from the banks from the financial
institutions so for example you don’t need to eat any report from your
aesthetic all the money that you have where did they come from were so on the
second is bureaucracy if excluded so what does it mean if you have if you use
the cryptocurrency it means that you don’t need to fill in any papers to fill
in any document so it’s wait here you just need to create a bullet online also
it’s a minimum Commission so I’m sure that some of you once tried the Western
Union or some money transactions so for example for Western you know it’s $10
for one transaction in a cryptocurrency the Commission is really in a moment
it’s just the smallest that can be and also if the opportunity to earn it was
the small part about the cryptocurrencies but what is the eating
arc when can they have the next slide please
the eternal plan is a clean currency that is that islam in really fast
nowadays and especially in indonesia to explain how they in turn are twin words
i would like to show everything changes into digital form why
not you with Eden our coin you can pay for the products and services just now no cash credit card or wallet needed
just your smartphone scan and Sen five seconds and you’re done immediate transaction minimum Commission
and total anonymity and security of all your payments
choose your ultimate control over your money in a new digital future with us also what is important you have total
anonymity and the security of all your payments so nobody can have access to
your wallet is just you use the total control of all your assets and money so
you see this is how you can say for example for the taxi services and then
in Indonesia we have some partners that we’ve worked with for example I don’t
know if you know some somebody you know some potentially yeah we will have at
least our partners where you can pay it with eternal acquaintance with the
points to compare to meet your friends to spend an evening out and then you can
have dreams or some tea seafood from the delicious Bali that we heard before and
then for example if you don’t have any cash or don’t have any credit cards then
is to play whether eaten armed with the cryptocurrencies you can do this or your
home or as it will be shown in the video you know after you watch the ones that
you can connect with your phone or other devices so you can also pay with it
today as a representative of eg marijuana I will announce a contest for
a contest I’m sure that you so bender here flags outside and you have
brochures so in order to take part in it contests you will need to make some
conditions and the first one will be to create even our bullets you can do it
easily online or 10 seconds maximum I promise
so to help you with this I am providing you with a screenshot so there leaf or
then creating a volatile like this the first ghost account name then for
example Alan to Natalya and as my name and then you can put passwords two times
so it will match and then if you if you could also create account then you have
an upcoming site with information that there is need Braille key it’s like the
most important password that she needs you can even forgot the password but
brain-e is what you really need to say because this is the only option how we
can get access to your opponent the next part please and this is how you will it
looks like so on this moment we have 90 countries one region our coins how much
is that so according to
actual comments right now we have about less a little a little bit less than
$200 or this wallet and this is the price for the first three places for our
contest which I will explain you later so you have the pockets on the left from
their mouths and we see can I go to the next one please as for the contest that I explained you
before the conditions of it like that so the first condition you need to create a
generic bullets by pulling the link you can make a picture or write down the
link later we believe there be slides during EE brain so the second condition
is to make photo with the even our own banner work with brochures that you have
or websites that are outside the next one the condition is to put your picture
in a social media Instagram and creative description
starting with I’ll choose you do not point because and you need to express
your volatility and the three people who will win the prize they should be really
creative and really that should be something interesting so that we got
caught with your description or the feature that you will tell the next one
is to put hash test the first hashtag is each night when the second eternal for
students and the last one 18k STP LD and the next condition tap on the picture
the Instagram profile is not quite efficient and the last one to get your
price so the prices are the first place gets 500 Hitler coins
it’s about $100 the second place gets 300 eternal points it’s about $60
according to actual currency rates but I need to inform you that currency rates
can vary as for example for the indonesian rupiah or dollar or any other
currency and the third place is getting about 115 are twins it’s about $20 in
the description you will find all the conditions and also you can check the
instagram profile of the h FK right remember yes so the results will be
published on this or official profile of eating our coin on Monday and those
three lucky people will get their prices into their internet wallets that was the
main information that I would like to share with you and there’s one more
video that I would like to play this is more like something with additional and
inspirational so what what what if you are interested with working believe that
when early or just to to find out more what it is like you can just go to our
website that is stated on the brochure do you want to become rich and
successful without working being bossed to yourself
only ensure your financial independence and feel the freedom you see in the word I or like first
second is if I invest my money in good because if I like weight from and succeed in our quit the number twenty
received word 66 authority in the world so if I want to impress my man in here
what the progress you can give me so I will it was not money not going thank
you very much thank you very much great question the first question is for the
difference like each point or lightwood is the next
one even the point is the only currency that has the reference mark thing system
the analog system kilauea so except of burning from fighting build
your structure and find out what about our reference system on the backside so
its marketing plan that allows you to to develop yourself at burn or accept the
new marketing plan the MLM system that other cryptocurrencies don’t have and
it’s for the second question about the investment and about increasing so yes
from there from 2016 7 months we have just a little bit less than 1 million
users and it’s just a great number of people who are interested in the
currency and users that make our product and this is the result which not no
other food to currency achieved before so during such a long period of time to
gain so such a big results and s4d as you mentioned the brand on that 66th
place that’s because a few weeks ago we provided updates for our system why
because every needs to give their value for
for example like Bitcoin every every time that process of mining is becoming
more people money is that wait communicates can get that money point
so as in each point the harder it gets the world values for the coin
so this is what we started to do with even artworks to put more value for that
for one point we needed to give an update and of course as you know all the
new upcoming changes all the updates they are going with some difficulties in
the beginning because people need to get used to new changes we need to use the
new ways of finding new ways of the 60 new changes of the marketing plan so of
course in the beginning gets hard just for a short time but then it goes up
again so it that’s what we can see last seven months we got really high and
increase but then when we started to do needed work for them we need to make even more roots to make
for our users that’s why we’re starting to make some changes and let’s find it
in we made it was a bit difficult but right now everything goes you know because we will go together so the unity of black oil and Bitcoin is
very easy so if I want to make my life a part between become free money is very
easy it becomes between against eg so we have a firm logically
if Oh easy I admit my money to become a lightweight become so adventure for the
cryptocurrencies that you invested before it’s really the same visible even
are we have the least of it exchangers that we work with the partners so use
them we can easily change your internet world into other cryptocurrencies or
interval or Indonesian movies dollars and so on on our website there is a list
of the exchangers so you can just check all of them and choose which one is
preferable and more comfortable for you and that’s how you can easily but it’s up to you in that sense that if
you want to get more money to get one percentage they need the bones of the
coins equality around so you get money from the people that she buys you need
to be the ways to earn money and I think
that’s the best option because you need to put more work to start earning you
can just start using the social media we’re talking about digital things today
you can start using your connection with your were police students other people
your friends and just invite them you just need want people to start and
that’s it you don’t need to put a lot of money so this is just what is what we
talk about students there is no there’s no limitation for this so even if you
are a student where elder the older people were the little I don’t know
anything there’s no limitation in any more questions according to my personal experience I
can say that your personal example is the best way to convince people when I
started to be engage in – it’s not going community let’s say like that for me was
also kind of hard to convince or to constantly but then I understood that
the best way is to show yourself how it affects your life what I mean is the
same what I said before you can use your social media to show what benefits this
company gives you it can be traveling earning some money it can be new
acquaintances new friends new experiences meetings anything and if you
start to promote it just telling your friends get given some example in the
social media each will give you some results and also there’s one more thing
as Indonesia instead in the little top leaders that were in South Korea then we
have a lot of people here for very experiences a lot of leaders great
leaders so if you are really willing to there are one thing that you need is
just to arrange a meeting for them they will explain you everything they will
teach you everything you don’t need to know anything about money banks or
financial yeah but in here it’s very easy if you want you can just around
meeting and then everything book but you can explore everything so yeah every day according to making some
missions every day you earn 0.65 percent of the amount that you have on your
moment so this is what it is in marketing plan if you have then every
day you get six point five points just because you have those over to your
folders this is the first way of early the second one but there are some
conditions that you need to make for example those money should be at least
24 hours from your wallets and everything you need to make at least one
to infection with zero point one coil even like that the smallest one just to
make sure that this is the real account for the system so the system would
expect you as a real account and this is the first option the second option is as
I mentioned before to be involved into marketing plan what does it mean it
means the condition is like this if you have TTE dinar coins of your account
it’s about $10 and if you might not people but this does mean then you get
percentage from their amount on the vorlons from all of them all of those
five people so the first one is finding everything you get certain amount of
coins and the second one is marketing plan the system that you can deal with
they’re inviting world friends and getting money from the percentage over
the mouth amount for their accounts at least something but this is already a
bitch sir thank you very much for being here with me today thank you very much for coming here
today and inviting us did you know did you find out something to you for
yourself about cryptocurrency today yes I already knew what is the
cryptocurrency and I will really figure it out that this is a really good
invention for future of the a money like ok billion thank you for coming here
today and thank you for asking questions I would like to ask you you had a
question about the differences between bitcoin and litecoin and he did even our
coin can you please tell me did you find out anything new about the
cryptocurrency that we had a talk about today did you find it somehow
interesting or particular when I but did not go in
I see progress about inner coil when I become the miner of Bitcoin from 2013
the Bitcoin get hard to get and fed everybody want to get Bitcoin so I got a
heart I got hard to get more Bitcoin so when I
see big Eddy Napoleon I got I see progress so if I infesting enough for
him just like a Bitcoin in 2013 I will get a progress 104
I hope Napoli can be like Bitcoin in the future how did you start to being in the
field of cryptocurrencies why did you start to be interested
what I like about technology I have some power above ID like I have computer I
have personal computer so I start searching when I was high school about
fat boy when that was I about between and I I see progress I can get profit if
I do the cryptocurrency so from that I try to invest my money in the currency I
tried to become a minor so now I have to personally see how minor minor pc2 fine

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