Ledger — Trusted hardware for blockchain applications

My name is Eric Larchevêque, I’m the founder and CEO of Ledger a startup developing secure hardware solutions for blockchain applications We are 16, our offices are in Paris and San Francisco. We closed a 1.3M€ seed round in early 2015 and we are working on our Serie A. Thanks to its distributed consensus architecture, the Blockchain is extremely well secured. The integrity of data written on it is guaranteed. But security at the end user level is a real challenge. When you own crypto assets, wether they are bitcoins or blockchain based stocks what you really own are private keys a critical piece of information, acting like a non recovable bearer bond anyone having access to this key would be able to own or spend the associated values It’s therefore not possible to manage these keys on regular computer or smartphones they have not be designed with security in mind Any malware or virus could easily get hold of the private keys, with disastrous financial consequences. To bring an answer to this major issue, Ledger has developped a cutting edge technology which bridges any type of blockchain (public such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or private) with secure hardware solutions such as smartcards HSM (hardware security modules), big smartcards for servers or TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), virtualizing secure chips in smartphones such as Samsung or integrated within ARM processors.

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