Ledger Nano X – The Bluetooth Enabled Cryptocurrency Wallet

thus as the box for the ledger nano s thus as the best-selling cryptocurrency hardware wallah apparently ledger have sold about 1.3 million of these devices it's a pretty good wallet but it does have some limitations but they have just announced the new ledger nano X and it does address many of the problems I saw with the Nano s that's as I hear the ledger nano X keep your crap tool secure everywhere the legend on awakes is a Bluetooth enabled secure device that stores your private keys make sure all your crap to assets or safe whatever you go and there's a video about it there and you can see it breaks it down you know one of the first things you know if you've got our a nano ass already you will notice here that they have two buttons one screen no the existing setups are a bit different the existing services got the two buttons down the bottom and you can to go forward and you hold them and then you hold them together to do different things this looks like it's maybe a slightly different way of doing it and I think that they use the phone instead and you can see here easy backup manager cup tool anywhere you go and it's showing you the the lady here with our mobile phone and the nano X and it's got the the ledger life up on the phone and the ledger life up on the desktop or phone it's really really good it's really really impressive it's one of the best selling features of this stuff from honest em and then it's got the sample connection here you can see here please confirm the code below as the same as your nano X know that to me as one of the best selling things about the new nano X because and they're the Nano s I always found that a lot bit slow because when you wanted to and put a code or check or call the verifier coordinate like you had to go up and down and then select up and down so you can emit through one two three four you know what up to nine and then you to cycle through all the numbers it's not the most time-consuming thing in the world but I wasn't user-friendly either the way that trades out that it stayed was like you've gone your your desktop up and you simply you know it's like a number pi that pops up and you just enter the numbers according you know you can't match up very very quick with the tracer not so quick with the Nano s but that's new system that's new way of doing it does look like it's going to be a lot quicker and the other thing that they've added as well as that have increased the capacity and you can see here they've got up to 100 apps installed 1100 plus assets supported alloy that as you know atheneum talking's etc and you do some things have to use a different application to to access those atheneum tokens but it does support a lot of colonies so it's pretty good that way but if you look at they're up to 100 apps installed and any capital consul you install onto the device is counted as an app but if you go to the later nun or s which you know the original not the best thing in world but the good thing is if you don't like the Nano X so you don't want to spend an extra money here you can see it's 109 pounds in the UK it's defaulting to UK places but you can see that the Nano ace has dropped in place which is pretty good because I paid about 100 points for me and if I scroll down you will see here that's 40 capital currency supported 18 installable apps one ledger live the desktop companion so that's one the one I've got the Nano s 40 currencies 18 installable apps one ledger live desktop app and now you can connect via phone up to 100 apps on up to 1100 capital consul assets are supported now I suspect they're gonna it's a you know this is going to be increased here I suspect the celibate ID and they will increase a number of capital currencies that are supported on that as well when the the narrowest originally came out it wasn't even you know it couldn't even do 18 it was even less than that and then the eventually that I firmly up they increased the number of applications and kept tokens is that it supported so they they have improved the over time I suspect well you know I've also put more applications in the future maybe because of tweaks to the farm etc but that's nano eggs does look a lot better it's got more memory supports more applications and I think yes the extra memory is is really good that's you know should have been near in the previous version but I think the mobile phone bluetooth and functionality is really what's selling it for me and the fact that you can confirm transactions via your phone so you've got your hardware device but you can verify things through the mobile app it this seems to be the way to go and my opinion that seems to be the way to go and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works so right now you can see it's got a pre-order they are I will be available through Amazon and other shops as well they actually announced us at CES you know what the biggest tech showing what would pass it's not a cryptocurrency takes all a bit surprised that they notice that yeah but maybe that's a good thing maybe it's good that there are noticing it sure that hasn't focused on capital currency let me know what you think about those guys whether you're going to buy this or no I think this is very good for the cap to the capital industry as a whole it's moving everything forward I think that in general most capital can say hardware devices should be Bluetooth enabled and the vajay stasiu worth the original nano ways not having much memory I will say though this this doesn't a default know you can still use us this is still a good device a to buy and so if you're not caring about using it with your mobile phone and you want to save a little money you may want to check out the original nine ways but I do think Nenana works looks like the future a does lilica a better model more memory Bluetooth functionality and the mobile app looks really good as well so let me know what you think guys will leave a link to the new legend Analects a sales page and all that you can check them know what you think in the comment area below and I'll speak to you and the next one take care

6 thoughts on “Ledger Nano X – The Bluetooth Enabled Cryptocurrency Wallet”

  1. I just used some of my bch to preorder 🙂 I have two nano s units one for me and I use one to store some of my assets to pass on to my son 🙂 but I've always wanted mobile access to my funds

  2. The thing I can't get my head around is if the Public Key is fundamentally used to receive bitcoins. And if the Private Key is used to spend, transfer or trade, wouldn't the Private Key somehow also show on the internet and become public knowledge ?…

  3. Great features pre ordered mine to upgrade from the nano s even better that it was released at CES making crypto that little bit more mainstream can only bring good things

  4. Does this mean you will no longer require a computer to move your coins, and instead can transfer directly from an IOS to ledger nano X? Please advise, thank you.

  5. It's rechargeable via USB? Is the battery user-replaceable? The life of small batteries can be very bad sometimes.

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