Ledger Nano X Review: Is It Worth Buying This Upgrade?

Well, it’s finally here. The Ledger Nano X. In this video, we’ll be
looking at the security design, the hardware, the app compatibility, and the mobility of taking
up your crypto on the go to determine if the
Ledger Nano X is worth it. At the end of the day, the reason why we’re buying
one of these is because of security. So say if you accidentally
clicked an attachment that a mischievous co-worker sent to you or maybe clicked on a web link
that a stranger sent you by email your computer could be compromised
and hackers can steal information from there. And if that information
happens to be your private key that means the hacker has access to
all your crypto and can steal all of it. With a hardware wallet like this even if a hacker gains
access to your computer they still can’t reach and
read the information here. They can’t access your private key, and this is why people are willing to
pay money for an extra device like this. That’s it, though. There are many options out
there like the Trezor or the KeepKey. And for this review, we’ll be
keeping these options in mind. So starting off with security, the Ledger Nano X has two
separate chips to protect you. At its heart, it’s got
the STM32WB55 chip. It’s kind of like a very,
very low-end processor. The reason why it’s low-end
is because it’s more secure. It’s harder to hack
because it has less features. At the most secure part of
the device is another chip. It’s called a secure element, and secure elements are
used widely in the banking sector and even passports and such. The function of this chip is it
stores our cryptocurrency keys, and it never leaves this chip area. Now the big question
is can we put it back? Oh my god, it still works [laughter]. So with these two chips, you can rest assured that this is the
best amount of security that money can buy on these hardware devices. Now there is a question
of course about Bluetooth because having Bluetooth
communications means that signals can be sent
over radio communications. The good news is there are two parts one is that the Bluetooth on this device
is always assumed to be compromised, so we’ll never really send anything
other than just pure transaction information and hackers cannot take
over the device by Bluetooth. So now hardware design. So in terms of interacting with
the device, you have two buttons. So this is the left and right button, and it’s used to do all
the inputs on the device. In terms of just touch and feel these buttons are relatively
large and they’re easy to press. I think this is an upgrade
from the side buttons that we have on the Ledger Nano S, which is on the side and it’s a little bit kind of smaller
and a little bit more awkward. Now in terms of two button input, I do have to say it’s not as
convenient as say a touchscreen. In terms of other specs, it now has a larger screen which displays the entirety of a
transaction which is much needed. The Ledger Nano S, it would have to scroll
through the transaction which takes much longer to
verify if the address is correct. It also uses the modern
USB Type-C interface. The next part is what makes
Ledger kind of stand out in the space, which is how many
different coins it supports. So before buying you can definitely
check out the list of what is supported. So just look for Ledger Nano X and pretty much every single coin
that is supported by the Ledger Nano S is also supported on
the Ledger Nano X as well. The list is pretty huge, so you probably want
to search it with Ctrl F to see if your favorite
coin is there as well. So one of the complaints
of the Ledger Nano S, which is the smaller version of this, is a limited number
of apps it can install. Now with the new Ledger Nano X, I seriously did this guys, I installed every single coin there is
on here and I counted it’s 73 coins. I did them and it took
me almost 40 minutes. Like two snack breaks
one toilet break after. Yes, I installed everything
without running into a memory limit, so that’s that’s a worry
you don’t have to care about on the Ledger Nano X. And it’s probably one of the
primary reasons why I would buy this is because I do have
like quite a few coins and I don’t like installing and
uninstalling to just save up on space. Alright, lastly we want
to talk about mobility. So the mobile app. So I got the Ledger Live
app on my phone right here, and the screen is broadcasted here, and here is what we
see on the device as well. So I did my best to show
you guys what’s happening. So you can connect the device, the Ledger Nano X, but in terms of usage, it’s pretty much
exactly the same as the desktop app. So once accounts are added, for example, Ethereum I just
added my CollectERC1155 address, it’s pretty simple we can actually see the history
and accounts and use as normal. So in terms of actually sending
cryptocurrencies on the go, the application itself is
very clean and easy to use, but there is one extra step. So let’s just say I want to
select and send from my account. Scan with the QR code. I scanned it. I’m ready to send maybe one
ETH to my– 0.1 ETH to myself. Now once I’m at this interface, I need to confirm it on
the actual Nano X as well, so after synchronizing it I need to really make sure that this device is now unlocked. Also, please don’t
have a pin that’s 1 2 3 4. That’s not really smart. So now it will show up on the device. Review the transaction. It’ll show the amount
and final address to send it, and then I can send it
and confirm it on the device. So it is an extra step and this is something
that I was kind of saying that on the go if
you’re buying just coffee or sending very, very
small amounts of Ethereum you probably don’t really
want to go through the process of verifying it on the
separate device over here. Quite frankly speaking, I can find very few reasons
where I actually really need to take a large amount of
cryptocurrencies on the go with me. Especially a full
Ledger’s worth of crypto. That’s not really safe. I mean, depending
on how safe your city is someone might just
kind of rob you at gunpoint and point a gun to your head and
ask you do send them your crypto. That’s one of the risks of carrying such a large
amount of cryptocurrencies around. So in that sense,
I think the ledger mobility feature is more reserved for sometimes at home or even just kind of knowing it’s there. It’s not a game breaker
for me at the very least. So what’s the final verdict when
it comes to the Ledger Nano X, or are you better off just
buying the Ledger Nano S, which is a little bit
cheaper at $59 dollars. So personally for me, this really
depends on what you use it for. For me, the deal breaker
is being able to install as many apps as I want onto this device. So I literally tried the 73 apps. Still, it has still
more memory for more, which means that I don’t have to shift coins in and out via
the install/uninstall process. Now in terms of security, they’re both exactly
the same type of security. Basically, both of them
have secure elements. So if you don’t need
those extra features if you don’t need mobile support if you don’t mind
having a smaller screen the cheaper option is definitely good. At the end of the day, I don’t mind paying a little bit
extra for a more premium device. In terms of rating, I give it a 5 out of 5 for security because it has two chips, and,
more importantly, the secure element, and Ledger has a reputation of
being able to configure these properly. In terms of multi-currency support, I also give it a 5 out of 5. Hardware design,
because of these two buttons I still feel like maybe they
could add a little bit extra especially if you’re
typing in long characters or restoring the device it’s just a little bit annoying
to just only use two buttons here. So those are my thoughts. So at the end, the conclusion is a 4.4
out of 5 for my Ledger Nano X review, and if you guys have any questions,
any comments, and even set up procedures, go leave a comment down below. I’ll try to answer them
as much as possible. I also have a full review, a written
review, on my website boxmining.com. I’m going to leave that on a
comment section down there as well, because that will have kind
of a lot more written in detail on top of what I
explained on this video. On top of that, if you guys want to support this channel and purchase either a Ledger Nano S or a Ledger Nano X,
there’s a link down below. And purchasing it with that link
does help support this channel as well. And if your friends are getting
into crypto send them this video. Share it. Because, at the end of the day, for them to have very good
knowledge about how to use one of these and set these up it’s
absolutely important because then they won’t lose sleep at
night knowing that their crypto is safe. And there you go. That’s the Ledger Nano X review. Thank you guys so much for watching. See you next time.

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