Ledger Nano S vs X + Ledger Update

hi everyone welcome to the video thank
you for tuning in today we have an update about the Ledger Nano X and the
pre-order and the shipping that’s about to happen and some information about
that compared to the Ledger Nano S and some other devices so let’s begin at the
range that is available if you go on to the official Ledger website
you have there’s the bundle pack now just before I continue these prices are
in Australian dollars so please make the conversion. X on the cusp of being
distributed to people the s and then the blue I haven’t actually used the blue
myself but I do own the Ledger Nano S so I will speak mostly about that and give
you a comparison to the X so let’s begin let’s have a look here this is the
original Ledger Nano it is a great device you can store over a thousand
cryptos on it now the the list of crypto currencies is actually mentioned here
and I’ll be providing a link to it so all of the major ones plus a lot of the
others which are ERC-20 tokens to those running on the etherium network again
the full list there for you to read if you fancy and if you’re new to the space
welcome just a quick summary in terms of how these work so you get the little
devices kind of resembles like a USB stick you connect that into the computer
via cable you don’t directly connect it via USB it is I’d say one of the the
safest ways to store your cryptocurrencies offline just follow the
instructions is very user friendly made a separate video about scams that could
occur with hardware wallets in general it’s very important to buy these brand
new and from the official websites all authorized resellers would be a list
I’ll provide a link to all these authorized resellers in your region
because there have been instances where people have bought the device have been
given these like pre-written codes and then the vent of the codes and then the
hacker or the scam has been able to access that but if you buy it brand new
that will not happen so moving on the legend a no X I’d say the two major
differences differences between the X the S is firstly this allows for
Bluetooth connectivity now it’s interesting you’re thinking it doesn’t
isn’t that at risk of it being potentially hacked well there’s actually
there’s further information here from led to them and to give you a really
brief summary and again I highly recommend that you read this in your own
time it clearly reiterates that only public
data is transported by bluetooth critical data such as a private keys and
seed never leave the device even if the even if the connection were to be hacked
security relies on the secure elements and will always request your consent for
any action and then again using the state-of-the-art Bluetooth protocol with
a length and further information a link to further information there and as it
says here if you don’t feel comfortable with it just disable the Bluetooth
feature and use the the USB C connection survial cable and then that you won’t
have that issue and if you specifically don’t want the Bluetooth feature there’s
a very simple solution just opt for the non OS but I always like to give people
options and it’s essentially up to them whether they want to use it or not
another key feature is this allows for a bit more storage as well of cryptos
because when you consider that there are 1100 that could be stored on the device
then that would obviously use up a bit of space that’s just a summary in a
nutshell I anticipate that this price will maybe drop a little bit I’m not
sure don’t quote me on that but bear in mind because it’s a pre-order and it’s
fairly new it tends to be dearer just technology in
general just tends to be a bit more expensive in the beginning if you have
any questions at all just ask more than happy to help or I can at least give you
some further information if anyone in the space uses the Ledger or Trezor or
any other wallet like offline storage wallet and you really like it or you
dislike it feel free to share your feedback as well it’s always welcome so
moving on I just want to wrap up with the the coin prices
the crypto market prices for today now there we go now as you can see the
market has picked up again there’s obviously been very volatile but it’s
very typical of the space so Bitcoin I think hit about 8400 dropped back down
to the high 6000 it’s now gone back up it’s on the cusp of breaking 8,000 again
throughout the market as well looking good or green excellent signs there
another thing to consider as well just to see the overall growth in the
cryptocurrency space is the circulating market cap let’s see how that has moved
recently I anticipate that probably at the beginning of next year and possibly
even the end of this year that this will once again take over the all-time high
that we saw up here and finally crack the one trillion dollar mark for the
cryptocurrency space in general I will hope that it goes up but we will have to
wait and see that’s a wrap thank you very much for tuning in again all of the
information here about ledger on the website I’ll provide the links enjoy
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where it’s at now and what’s gonna happen in my opinion of course again
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you thanks again for tuning in I hope you’re having a wonderful day afternoon
or evening and now it’s a weekend I guess some people still Sunday enjoy and
I will speak to you soon see it

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