Ledger Nano S Setup + Tutorial | How To

In this video I’ll be going through how
to setup your Ledger Nano S to keep your cryptocurrency safe. As you can see here in the box you’ll find
the Nano S itself, a micro usb to usb cable, the quickstart guide, and a little lanyard. The first thing we’ll do is plug our usb
cable into our computer and then plug the micro usb into the ledger nano s. From here you’ll see that the Ledger Nano
S lights up, and it gives us a quick rundown of how to use the different buttons. To toggle right simple press the right button,
to toggle left press the left button, and to confirm press down on both at the same
time. Here it tells us to press both at the same
time to continue. Next we’ll choose a pin code which can be
from 4-7 characters long. Everytime you plug the Nano S in, you’ll
be prompted to enter in this pin code. Again, to toggle through different numbers,
you’ll use the left or right button, and to confirm you’ll press both at the same
time. After entering in and confirming your pin
number, we’re given our recovery phrase. It’s of utmost importance that you keep
a couple different copies of this written down because if your Nano S breaks, this will
be the key you use to recover the information. Ledger actually gives you a paper in the box
you can write this information on, so I recommend putting it down there and also in another
safe place. Next, the Nano S will verify a couple of these
different words, and we’ll move on to the next step. From here, you’ll want to check out the
link in the description which is to the ledger wallet bitcoin extension for google chrome. You can download one for ethereum as well
or the whole ledger manager which gives you a bunch of other wallets for different altcoins. Anyway, after you download the extension,
open it up and you’ll have the option to open up with bitcoin or bitcoin cash, I’m
going to use bitcoin for this purpose of this video. Next we have the option to choose a legacy
or segwit address, and I’ll choose segwit here. From here we’ll see our account where we
can make and receive transactions. Under the send tab we can input someone’s
address to send bitcoin to someone. And under the receive tab it will show our
address, which we can give to someone to receive bitcoin. Next, I’ll give a quick demo of how you
can send bitcoin from coinbase, gdax, or any other exchange to ledger nano s. You’ll want to log into your exchange and
on coinbase we’ll go into the accounts tab
and click on send. The bitcoin address we want to send to is
the receive address from within the ledger nano s bitcoin wallet. I’m going to copy and paste it into coinbase
and verify that it looks the same. Make sure you double or triple check that
it’s correct because if you mess this up, you lose the bitcoin. Then you’ll choose the amount of bitcoin
you want to send and then hopefully you have two factor authentication setup to confirm
the transaction. Immediately after sending this, I got a notification
that the transaction was processing through on my bitcoin wallet. Anyway, if you have any questions, be sure
to let me know in the comments section. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed
the video, and I’ll see you all in the next one.

10 thoughts on “Ledger Nano S Setup + Tutorial | How To”

  1. I don’t know how to setup two factor authentication for my nano s? Can’t find it anywhere. Ledger website says I don’t need one. I can’t transfer funds to my wallet without this.

  2. Does the ledger need to be running to receive a deposit. For example can you give someone your wallet address and they send coin at any given time.

  3. I received bitcons that was sent to my ledger wallet. When I open up my Ledger to see the transaction I noticed that there is two different addresses it was sent to. One address is my ledger wallet address but the other I have no clue. Is this normal? Or does that mean the bitcoins were sent to two different addresses therefore someone else has access to it? Any info would be appreciated.

  4. I am looking for someone who would be willing to do a 1 on 1 with me, via email. That way you can see photos of my computer screen and tell me what to do next. I have the nano s and the trezor but can't figure them out. And I don't know how to make a paper wallet either. I have GOT TO get my cryptos in cold storage before the exchanges get hacked and I loose everything. First of all I need someone to tell me if I downloaded google chrome correctly, and we can go from there

  5. when I first set up my nano and put in some cryptos the next time I opened up my nano entered my pin selected bitcoin and clicked it did not communicate with my computer. Not sure why? All was fine when I first configured and transferred bitcoin into my nano wallet now I can not see what is in my wallet? I even tried a different cord and a different computer…help

  6. My new Ledger says that I can use it on many different coins and tokens but also says I can add more.
    When I added a few more, I can't access them to send my Binance coins into them…they just don't show up
    on my Nano… What do I do?

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