Hello everyone and welcome to this new review Today I want to talk briefly about This stick is called reading a non-s is a hardware crypto currency wallet that allows me to keep secure their crypto currencies here as we all know nowadays very important and saw security the market explosion that especially recently here to keep offline and their private keys our earnings and our crypto currencies when here we can preserve bitcoin ethereal moonlight and with mineo in another ten crypto currencies like updating the firmware can be here is increasing the number of crypto currencies that can be stored is also possible to connect in combined with whynet already very secure enough type ever heather wallet practically also retain their touches in art 20 here is your life I show It is very very very well done cute and with the tested material with a small display you can see where you You will require a pin code for each Access is basically very simple Its use there are two physical buttons I do not know if you can see them for Confirmation of operations whenever you need to use here is a very important thing that I want to tell you who’s in manuals have seen very minimal there is also a card you will notice all the recovery of the key phrases in If maybe you can have a malfunction or even if you should happen to lose it there the possibility through these 24 words that you will have you will get during the initial installation through these words then a second when you buying back another Stick can recover exactly the content of the key you lost here I leave the link in description for his purchase I have bought directly from the official website the parent shipping was very fast about three days and I almost bought at a price of plus costs about 69 euro for Shipping here will also point out the I add another link to be able to buy on amazon but I warn you already advance that unfortunately on amazon at this time it is not available, and its price also is a little leavened as it is about twenty euro more than the site official so I recommend you buy eco primarily on the official website unless there are not the usual Offers amazon lightning that could lower the price here with this I salute you and do appointment at the next review hello to all the next to andrea Hello

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