Ledger building strategic partnership with Samsung before IPO

welcome everyone I wanted to talk about
the recent news that came out regarding Samsung and Ledger so Samsung has
invested 2.9 million dollars into Ledger and this is Series C funding and what
does that mean this is the last series before they have an IPO so I anticipate
that Ledger will go public soon and I found this article particularly
interesting because Samsung only invested 2.9 million and if you go on
crunchbase you can see that Ledger has raised around 88 million dollars so far
and they generate probably nine figures of revenue maybe a hundred million two
hundred million dollars worth of sales per year I’m just speculating based on
the number of units that they are projected to sell I believe they sold
around 1.5 million Ledger Nano S and of course they had the Ledger Blue and various other small auxiliary products so that’s very interesting to
me because Series C is reserved for the last possible stage and if you’re
generating nine figures of revenue or even maybe high eight figures chances
are you probably don’t need 2.9 million it seems like a very small amount but
this seems more like a strategic partnership for Samsung to get in right
before they go public and I anticipate that Ledger capability with Samsung
phones will be coming soon and when it’s time to implement a hardware wallets I
think that Samsung will go to Ledger or partner with Ledger in order to build a
proper solution for them I believe that they’re also coming out with the Samsung
coin that’s what I read this morning so that Samsung coin will probably be
stored in a ledger but for all the other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects
out there if you’re probably if you’re compatible with ledger chances are that
you’ll probably be able to access your funds on a Samsung phone on a Galaxy or
a Note sometime in the future so this is very interesting I like to see things
like this these are the strategic partnerships that we’re talking about
and once again once you click Series C funding it says right here that
pre-money valuation of the company is 287.1 million and the only
investor in Series C is Samsung so I don’t think that Ledger is hurting for
money at all I think this is just the last round before they go public so I
anticipate that we’ll be hearing about Ledger going public soon and let me know
what you think and till the next video all right

7 thoughts on “Ledger building strategic partnership with Samsung before IPO”

  1. Ledger has said that strategically, they need to get their technology licensed to phone manufacturers. They can sell a million Nanos a year, but there's no growth. Getting in phones would be a big win. I suspect Samsung's nearly $3M investment is cheaper than the expected future licensing fees. A win for both companies.

  2. Hi philpa how to store more than 3-4 coins on nano ledger s. Do i need to install and delete the apps to have all the coins in?

  3. Very cool news. Samsung clearly have confidence in crypto's future even if they are being conservative to begin with (which is to be expected)

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