Ledger Blue — Send bitcoins

Let’s see how the Ledger Blue provides a simple and secure way to make Bitcoin transactions. Launch the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app on your computer, and open the Bitcoin application on your Ledger Blue. When your device is detected, you can access all your accounts. Open one of your accounts, then click on “send”, and fill in the required fields, like the recipient address,
amount and desired fees. Click on send Your Ledger Blue then displays the transaction data to review: like the amount, the fees, and the address that you can review in short or full length. Your manual consent is required to sign the transaction. When validated, the transaction registers in your account interface. You can click on it to see more details or safely close the wallet application. There’s no need to keep the device connected.

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  2. What's the point of this why can't I just use the Ledger blue to do the transactions what's the point of the biggest screen then

  3. I bet, in the future, they will have a subsection of the phone that acts as a cold storage/hardware wallet. All phones will have this as a way to secure private data in our new world of data security 😀

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