Ledger Blue — Restore a configuration

To restore your Ledger Blue, first tap on “restore configuration”. Choose a custom PIN code: this PIN code can be 4 to 8 digits. In our example, the PIN code contains 6 digits Click on Continue, and confirm by re-entering this code. Then choose the number of words required to restore your backup. As Ledger Wallet uses 24 words recovery phrases, we select the first option in our example. Now you need your Recovery sheet on which you previously copied your 24 words backup. Type each word following carefully the numerical order. You can enter the entire word or tap the first letters and select one from the suggestions. If you made a mistake, you can delete the latest characters and re-type the right ones. and so on for the whole list of words. The configuration of your device takes a few seconds. You can tap the link at the bottom of the screen if you need to know how to contact Ledger’s assistance. All done, you can now securely access your Ledger Blue apps.

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