Ledger Blue — Reset a device

If you enter a wrong PIN code three times in a row, the configuration of your device will be reset. That includes accounts, custom settings, and the recovery phrase entered when initializing your Ledger Blue. When your device has been reset, tap on “configure” to go back to the onboarding assistant and re-initialize your device from scratch, or use your recovery sheet to restore your backup.

3 thoughts on “Ledger Blue — Reset a device”

  1. after my ledger blue arrived with a month delay, it didnt work. i opened a ticket. nobody helps me there. this is just soooo bad customer service, im pretty impressed.

  2. same problem
    i have been waiting for 1 week now to get a RMA number to return my ledger blue
    my patience is wearing thin at present
    you would think that having sold thousands of them they would be able to afford a decent support staff
    they are generally unhelpful and only interested in selling

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