36 thoughts on “Learn blockchain in 7 minutes in Telugu”

  1. Brother I want to learn block chain..naku kunchum full knowledge kavali can you please help me..I also believe block chain will take over the market.

  2. Nice video. Refer this app to see what's happening in crypto and blockchain space

  3. Hello, your video is very informative, I have a question- I m. Bbm graduate n can I become a block chain developer

  4. good informative video .Can you please give info on what kind of block chain certification we can do for development background.

  5. python or JavaScript, which one is good for blockchain, when we use Python and when we use JavaScript

  6. Chala simple ga chepparu . Nenu e course cheyalai anukuntunnanu naku SW exp ledu nenu cheyavachha na qualification MCA

  7. Lot of efforts are made for gathering of data , possibly it was in simple language, hope there is a lot of future for such type of classes. I hope your efforts will succeed for sure PANDU GARU. THANK YOU

  8. sir upload more videos on this technology.
    i think will be the better career for this generation students
    meru inka related videos upload chayandi sir
    thank you so much

  9. Hi Pandu garu chala baga chepparu video meru block chain books chadivanu annaru aha books name s cheppagalara

  10. How can I open Bitcoin exchange in India sir plz call me I am interested in good amount 8886173456

  11. Hi Pandu, Good startup. would be good to elaborate on implementation strategies towards technologies and workflows in next posts.

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