Learn about Pithia and Their Crypto Investments (BEF2018)

what is going on crypto family so hey we got a cool interview with Lawrence Lerner he's with Pythia right so he has his own fund this isn't like an ICO you guys can invest in he's actually one of the investors right so for people that are looking to get funded this is one of those people that you know you bring your project to and you pitch to them and maybe or maybe not they say hey here's a million bucks or hey go somewhere else right so this is a Laurence Lerner he's with Pythia he's gonna talk a little bit about the criteria that they used when they look for for projects to invest and he's also gonna talk a little bit about some of the projects he's already invested in sorry I was get a little tongue-tied there so check it out let me know what you guys think I'll catch you guys on the other side what is going on guys so hey we're here at the BEF LA token and we're with orange Lerner so he's got a lot of cool things going on right now he's gonna tell us about so I'm just gonna let him jump right in alright pleasure to meet you thank you it's been a crazy crazy couple of months we are running a fund in Seattle called papaya we're working on blockchain infrastructure were part of the archana ecosystem it has just been an amazing time we've seen probably north of 70 75 companies and really what we focus on are two things for the company deals and assets under management and the deal structure that we look at based on experience of having done many of these before our infrastructure ordinary everyday things wallets Oracle's identity exchanges data management why because those are the things that get built on top of the blockchain on the next level and then everything else has got to be able to use them in order to do so we'll see the aspirational things in insurance and healthcare that everybody talks about but until you can prove something with wallet share identities it's all very speculative true what what projects you guys have going on right now that you're you're most excited about something that you know people can look at and say oh yeah that's that's one so we've got three investments that we've taken trusted key digital ID sorry trusted key life ID and digital town life ID and trusted key are both digital identity companies they're building the platform out they've got a number of clients already signed up and working on projects even though the underlying infrastructure isn't completely done there's so much interest we've been able to help them close deals and and really begin to grow digital town is a smart cities play focused right now on Central Texas that corridor in between Austin and San Antonio building a two sided market place helping merchants and consumers work with digital wallets and create liquidity and give power back to the cities themselves because when you're talking about digital identity the first thing I was thinking was you know I very many things like that so this is different than that so these are are focused on being able to plug into the their platforms and really be able to do the exchange of identities for transactions and personal information married kids not married currently smart and single live in Seattle under the Space Needle will let it set leave it there I made the sound man laugh so I'm not I think I'll end on that note on the personal life there anything else you want to ask there that's all thanks and so these projects that you invest in or talk a little bit about the fund and what guys look for specifically in projects before you guys invested things like there's three now how many more you guys looking for and what criteria sure you guys sure sure so we'll do 12 more by the end of the year and it really splits into two things all of the basic fundamentals that you look for solid management team people have worked together good business model acquisition strategy for customers what's what are you gonna do to grow what are you going to do if you're you take a hockey stick and growth how are you going to scale up and then what's the underlying technology how well does that work and then what's the blockchain component of it because we only do blockchain companies we're not into icos or algorithmic trading those are great markets but our focus is building on the blockchain so is there an herbal token what are the token economics is it viable and feasible to do transactions there and how are you bringing customers in and then most importantly because we see a lot of enterprise companies how does the data get in we're talking to a number of companies that are also working on standards for things like supply chain and freight forwarding one of the companies is a leader bringing in Kuna Naugle Swissport DHL FedEx so they want to build out all of the rules and regulations to move that to the blockchain is there anything about these companies what it is you're trying to do our division I think that really being able to demonstrate how it's going to work with different blockchains interoperability is really important and we are part of the our chain ecosystem so we also look for companies to see how they can have meaningful use on an incredibly scalable and sharded ecosystem where you've got public and private namespaces that are residing side-by-side and then I guess a little bit about yourself I mean you know kind of looks your back I know what's your history you married you got kids not where you live all that kind of fun stuff so I live in Seattle right now I started my career as a developer second generation Internet I've been fortunate to have maybe backed into or because I like edge technology helped launch a lot of really cool things I did early work on Discover card help Motorola launched their smartphone strategy which is when I got into crypto in the late 90s so it was the first generation we didn't get very far but we learned an awful lot and then ten years later I started getting into Bitcoin helping companies build things like point-of-sale systems and then work with a lot of different projects got involved with our chain last summer so my background has been a lot of Technology business process transformation ransom large consultancies for PwC and cognizant and really now completely focused heads down on the blockchain so is there anything else you want to let the audience know about you know the any of the projects you're working on stuff you're looking for in general is always looking for for more pitches you can write to Pythia sorry pitches at Pythia dot-com we're looking for everyday stuff that scales I talked to a company last night here at BEF they do invoices it's not sexy but everybody does it everybody needs it we've got another company that's doing data mining on healthcare bills again not sexy but millions of them get produced every hour we look for everyday things that scale it was a pleasure meeting you and I sure appreciate you telling everybody about you and all the stuff that you're doing so exciting stuff I look thank you thank you thank you for your time hey welcome back everybody big thanks to Lawrence I appreciate you coming on and telling our audience you know what you look for when you invest in something and some of the projects that you've already invested in I thought this would be kind of good for the audience you know we've got a you know a very diverse crowd here you know we got people that are just investors we got people that have their own I CEOs we got people that don't blockchain companies that all watch this channel so it's kind of cool to kind of get a different perspective from just you know the ICO s and T G's and all that kind of stuff and actually talk with somebody that actually invests in those projects what you look for some of the projects you've invested in and all that kind of cool stuff so big things too warrants for coming on hope you guys got some value out of it I hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget somebody's gonna win a hundred bucks of aetherium just by simply putting Lawrence your public etherium address make sure you guys like share comment all that cool stuff somebody's gonna win a hundred bucks in the theorem thanks so much for watching – preciate every single one of ya god bless and I'll catch you on the next one you

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