LCX Terminal – For All Your Trades

Let me tell you about LCX Terminal. It solves a problem I think most of us professional
crypto traders have. We trade on the leading crypto exchanges – Binance,
OK-EX, Huobi, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex and more. Too Many. We try to do portfolio analysis, profit-loss
reports and tax reports. It’s complex. This is LCX Terminal. It’s a sophisticated trading terminal for
crypto-assets. You can use it as a single interface into
all major crypto exchanges. Your full crypto portfolio – all at one place. Trading across exchanges. Customizable market data. Fast Order Execution. Real-time and historical Profit & Loss. Smart trading algorithms. Exporting of portfolio analysis and export
of tax reports. Professional customer service. LCX Terminal is a complete asset management
solution for professional investors. Let me tell you how it works. LCX Terminal shows my whole crypto asset portfolio
in one place. I can do trades. Move funds from one place to another, or back
to my crypto vault. It’s simple and secure. I can trade across all crypto-exchanges – Fast
and Secure. Customized my watchlists and trading views. Monitor my overall portfolio performance. Real-time Monitoring of position across exchanges
and wallets. Analyse my rate of return on the investment. Define auto trading strategies. One crypto asset terminal. Combining all your crypto exchanges in one
place. And all you ever need is one. LCX Terminal. For all your trades.

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