Lawmakers skeptical of Facebook’s cryptocurrency

-Facebook is dangerous. Now, Facebook might not intend
to be dangerous, but surely, they don’t respect
the power of the technologies
they are playing with. Like a toddler who has gotten
his hands on a book of matches, Facebook has burned down
the house over and over and called every arson
a learning experience. -By setting up Libra
in Geneva, Switzerland, it makes me wonder
whether the rules of the road and supervisory
oversight will be focused more on the Swiss financial
market’s supervisor authority. -We chose Switzerland
not to evade any responsibilities
or oversight, but rather because it is a well-
established international place with headquarters
for WHO, WTO, even the BIS — the Bank of International
Settlements. -When it comes to cash
and carrying around a briefcase full of cash,
transnational criminals and terrorists actually
don’t do that anymore. And what you are creating
right now is an opportunity for them
to engage in continuing money laundering
and criminal activity. So know that. -Truthful reporting
has been displaced by flagrant displays
of [bleep] -I don’t know how to
answer that question, sir. -Okay. Well, here’s my last question, and I agree, again,
with Senator Toomey. I have great respect
for Facebook. But Facebook now wants
to control the money supply. What could possibly go wrong? -I don’t trust you guys. So, instead of cleaning up
your house, now you’re launching into
another business model with Calibra here,
and you’ve got documents that talk about your
privacy commitment for Calibra. So, in that privacy commitment,
you say that you won’t be sharing account
information or financial data with Facebook or any third party
without customer consent. So, how do we know that
this isn’t gonna change? And how do we know
you’re actually gonna do that based on your track record
of failing and violating and deceiving in the

22 thoughts on “Lawmakers skeptical of Facebook’s cryptocurrency”

  1. Lawmakers are the problem. They do nothing but wrist slap, while that annoying little GMO everyone calls Zuckerberg steals everyone's data and targets non liberal users. You don't even have to have a Facebook account, because your device is preloaded with Facebook spyware.

  2. The biggest thing they're worried about is if people start using crypto to buy and sell goods and services. They don't really care if people speculate with crypto.

  3. A good report from the washington post for the first time ever and libs are mad that its bad mouthing facebook lmao what a surpise. Nice to see Dem law makers don't trust facebook either.

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  5. Would you seriously trust Facebook with your full financial history when they can’t even be trusted to look after your photos????? ?

  6. More wasted taxpayers money.. so at the end of this what will happen… NOTHING.. period! Everyone goes home and business continues as always..

  7. Lawmakers should be focused more on the exchanges. So many pump fake volume like Binance for example. Then there are other newer exchanges such as Beaxy which just came out, that don't allow fake volume. They're following all the rules from the start. Better for traders and consumers.

  8. facebook makes mistake, ok, the government makes mistake too and everyone all learned from it. These lawmakers are just really trying to stop cryptocurrency.

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