Latest Cryptocurrency News & Market Updates for the day – 14-10-2019

it’s Monday, October 14, 2019, and this is CryptoNewsZ. I’m Arveen and our team at CryptoNewsZ brings you the
latest headlines from the world of Blockchain and crypto. Our first major
headline comes from UNICEF. The International Agency launched a pilot
program to raise funds by a cryptocurrency last week. In a major
development, UNICEF has now decided to keep all the relations in the form of
cryptocurrencies instead of automatically converting them into fiat
currency. The move was aimed and increasing donors
to transparency which is the greatest advantage of Blockchain Technology. After
receiving a restraining order for issuing unlawful digital token called Gram,
messaging application telegram has now decided to postpone issuing of its own
cryptocurrency on the Telegram Open Network until 31st October. As previously
reported by CryptoNewsZ, the United States Security and Exchange Commission
had filed and received a court order against the telegram group for issuing
2.9 billion digital token called Gram token to investors. Zcash is all set to develop a wrapped token for Ethereum. The Zcash
community will now get access to Ethereum’s DeFI ecosystem which might one day
make Zcash a channel for private and automated loans and financial
services. The heads of three major United States financial regulators namely the
SEC, CFTC and FinCEN have now jointly issued a
statement warning the crypto industry to follow rules and regulations already in
place in the United States. With the tremendous increase in the adoption of
cryptocurrency across the world governments are now raising concern over
monitoring and regulation of this alternative form of currency. That’s it
from us at CryptoNewsZ today. We will see you very soon. Also, please
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