Latest Cryptocurrency News & Market Overview for the day – 12-10-2019

it’s Saturday October 12, 2019, and this is
CryptoNewsZ. I’m Arveen and we at CryptoNewsZ brings you the latest
headlines from the world of blockchain and crypto. Our first major headline
comes from facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency Libra After PayPal announces
departure from the Libra project last week, Visa and Mastercards in the
announcements on 11th October, which is a huge setback for Facebook. Payments
processing company stripe and e-commerce giant eBay for the truth what now remains
as Libra’s members are nonprofit organizations and venture capitalist
firms. With the Libra project running into troubled waters recently only a decision
from the United States regulators in now seal its fate. Our second headline for the day also comes from the United States. The United States Securities and Exchange
Commission has filed and won a court order against the messaging application
the Telegram group, for raising funds by selling unregistered cryptocurrency to
investors. In its complaint the SEC said the Telegram sold digital tokens for 2.9
billion dollars to investors without registering them as securities
and disclosing its risks to investors. Our third headline for the day comes from
China. E-commerce giant Alibaba’s digital arm called Alipay has now declared an
outright ban on all transactions from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In a
series of tweets an Alipay warned that it was closely monitoring all OTC transactions
to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations. Our last headline for the day comes from crypto exchange, coinbase which has just become one of the few
companies to receive an e-money license in Ireland. For the information of our
viewers coinbase is the cleanest crypto exchange in the world. That’s it from us
at CryptoNewsZ today. We will see you very soon.

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