Latest Cryptocurrency News for The DAY 09 10 2019

it’s Wednesday October 9, 2019 and
this is CryptoNewsZ. I am Arveen and we at CryptoNewsZ, bring to you the
latest headlines from the world of Blockchain and Crypto. Our first
headline comes from UNICEF which has launched a crypto fund to support open
source technology the philanthropic organization will now receive, hold and
distribute donations in the form of Bitcoin and Ether. The first donation
to the fund came from the Ethereum Foundation in the form of one hundred
ether which amounts to eighteen thousand US dollars at its current market price.
Our second major news for the day comes from Binance which is the world’s largest crypto trading platform in terms of trading volume. Binance’s cryptocurrency called
the Binance Coin will now be available as a P to P method on e-commerce on the e-wallet called Airtm. Our third major news for the day also comes from Binance which
has now introduced P to P functionality with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. These will now be available for trading against the Chinese Yuan. Our
third headline comes from OmiseGo, a finance oriented scaling platform for
ethereum which has now become a member of the Universal Protocol Alliance which
is a coalition of blockchain and cryptocurrency focused firms. Our last headlines
for the day comes from Gigajoule, A floating power plant project. The team at Gigajoule decided to launch a new digital currency called the Gigajoule currency. The decision to take the IEO route was aimed at raising finances
for this particular project which in turn promises each Gigajoule token holder
the right to own 15% of the profits generated from this particular project.
That’s it from us at CryptoNewsZ today have a good day &
we’ll see you very soon

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