Latest Cryptocurrency Market Updates for Today (10-10-2019)

It’s Thursday October 10, 2019, and this
is CryptoNewsZ, I am Arveen and we at CryptoNewsZ bring to you the latest headlines
from the world of Blockchain and Crypto. Our first major headline for the day comes
from Facebook whose CEO Mark Zuckerberg is all set to testify before the United
States Congress over its proposed cryptocurrency Libra in an official
press release from the House of Financial Services Committee it was
noted that the hearing title Facebook and it’s impact over financial and
housing sectors is all set to take place on 23rd October. It is also noted that
Mark Zuckerberg will be the only witness in this hearing with the latest
developments the release of Facebook’s much anticipated cryptocurrency Libra
which is currently stated for January 2020 might get delayed. Our second news for the day also comes from the United States where the United States Internal
Revenue Services or the IRS has just published its first cryptocurrency tax guidance in the last five years the last publication that the agency was in
2014 which then left a lot of questions unanswered, but the tremendous growth of
crypto market since then the latest publication was much awaited by the
industry insiders. Our third headline comes from Changelly, a leading instant
cryptocurrency platform which has launched apps for its Android and iOS
users. The new app comes with free USPs which include low transaction fees, compact design and crash course integration while the Android app is its
second version the iOS version of this is a completely new debut. Our last
headline for the day is a huge relief for the Bitcoin community. After
suffering from steep drop in the month of September the top crypto
recorded its highest price in the last three weeks by crossing eight thousand
five hundred US dollars. According to experts at CryptoNewsZ, Bitcoin would
soon reach a major resistance of eight thousand eight hundred US dollars. That’s
it from us today at CryptoNewsZ. We will see you soon have a good day!

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