Good morning You have probably all heard about the Cambridge Analytica case Facebook was selling users’ data to a company Which was using them to influence presidential elections This illustriation perfectly shows the problem of control and management of the Big Data in today’s world Facebook, since its creation, has developed 300 petabits of personal data That represents 300.000 hours of film in FHD resolution The equivalent of 34 years of film The issue with the Big Data is that it is a huge pile of data collected by companies which they use without the consent of the user or even resell In that case, the user does not have any control or power on his personal data anymore Thereby the governement have interest in using the Blockchain To insure the safety of personal data of their users and citizens But also the data made by these institutions The Big Data are nowadays a solution for companies to access to a huge amount of data Which will allow them to build predictiv models It is a tremendous database to which they have access in real time Concerning Big Data, there is the 3 V rule Velocity : a big rate of information emision Variety : heterogeneous information from GPS information to IP adresses Volume : a big amount of information in a short time Beside that since a few years, blockchain is responsible of a technological revoltion Especially popularized by the well known bitcoin The Big Data and Blockchain are both in expansion and are at the same time complementary The blockchain is decentralized which means that it does not need an intermediate It is also quick but more importantly it is secure The Blockchain is transparent : every transaction can be consulted by anybody It is immuable : every transaction written can never be erased And it is unfalsifiable : every transaction can never be modified by anybody You did not understand everything ? This explanatory diagram is brought to you by KryproSphere. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to learn it The Blockchain or chain of blocks can take charge of any type of digital information That is why it can have so much concrete application in the Big Data To give you some exemples The Blockchain allows you to increase the security level of your data Because it is by nature decentralized so no actor can access it to destroy it It also allows to control your personal data Because you could easily imagine a Blockchain in which every piece of information would be crypted And the software which would want to access it would have to pay a counterpart and also have an autorisation As a third exemple : it would permit as well to insure a better management of the Big Data Especially in the health sector The blockchain could allow a simplified and decentralized access so to every actor To a health book for exemple or to authenticate a prescription It would decrease the risk of human mistake or loss of documents A concrete exemple of the use of the Blockchain is the Big Data With the french startup Pikcio which certified the authenticity of data through the Blockchain Second exemple with the Golem token Golem can be seen as the Airbnb of computing power It is a Blockchain that aims to , through a counterpart, to rent the computing power of the other computers This project makes sense because only 0,5% of the data produced in the world are exploited nowadays For a lack of computing power Individually, the computing power of a computer is limited However, thanks to this project, anyone could have access to DeepBlue, the supercomputer of IBM at home The Blockchain because it is quick, decentralized and secure will disrupt the univers of the Big Data From here to 2030, it could represent 20% of this sector Which represent according to predictions 100 billions of annual revenue which is more than Visa, Paypal and Mastercard together If you want to be part of the KryptoSphere adventure and the Blockchain revolution You can follow us on our social medias or take a look at our website Goodbye

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