LA Bitcoin Trader Faces 30 Months in Jail for Trading Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins com?

you see the mainstream media when it comes to cryptocurrency in age groups especially focusing on Millennials being the number one demographic to get into cryptocurrency they forget that the older generation are the wily ones the ones that have been through the grind and they understand corporate structures as well as they probably understand many ways to circumvent certain considerations I'm telling you guys it's the older generation we have to worry about not the ignorant young Millennials think about it what's up crypto nation it speed up weight too centralized TV today's crypto news myth brought to you by coin desk sponsored by Medi block org hey healthcare decentralized this is forbes said this is one of the top ten ICS of 2018 maybe you should check it out guys la bitcoin trader faces 30 months in jail for illegal money business hey and los angeles bitcoin trader faces more than two years in jail for having operated what prosecutors say is an illegal money transmitting business 50 year old teresa Tetley who worked under the name bitcoin maven made at least three hundred thousand dollars a year from trading bitcoin on local bitcoins calm between 2014 and 2017 she's a wily one guys according to NBC los angeles she also made transactions over that time worth from a six six million to nine and a half a million dollars go on with your bad self you don't need to worry about pensions you don't need to worry about retirement maven bitcoin maven theresa you were widely 1/10 lee has already pled guilty to operating an unregistered money transmission business and exchanging her 80 BTC for $70,000 in one transaction that prosecutors allege involved the proceeds of a drug and trafficking why should that be a problem if you're out if you're out in california everyone's on drugs according to court documents the ex trader now faces a thirty a month federal jail sentence for the crimes if the government gets its way in court on Monday although her defense team is pushing for a lesser sentence of one year federal prosecutors no caller ID not gonna answer that federal prosecutors also hope to seize a forty BTC currently worth two hundred seventy thousand dollars two hundred two hundred ninety two thousand dollars and twenty five gold ball cars seized by law enforcement agent in March according to the report whoa bringing in that money guys the prosecutor's office said in court documents that Tetley's activities fueled a black market financial system in the Central District of California that purposely and deliberately existed outside of the regulated Bank industry which is a really expensive se way of saying that we will crack down on 50-year old ladies dealing with cryptocurrency magic money on the internet but we're not going to actually deal with the real the real thieves the real the real black market financial systems of our traditional Wall Street we're just really sad while this case is thought to be the first of its kind in Southern California according to NBC la other Bitcoin traders have run afoul of authorities in the parts other parts of us in the last year a Detroit Bitcoin trader was sentencing Jan a December 2017 to 366 days in jail for similarly operating an unlicensed money service business hey guys guys you guys are too loud dude too loud sound man Z funneled Bitcoin transaction also using local bitcoins calm through a corporation he owned ultimately conducting a 2.4 million worth of Bitcoin transactions over a two-year period in another case linked to local bitcoins father and son training team Randall and Michael Lord were last May handed down jail sentences of a hundred and six months in 46 months respectively running an unlawful money business Michael Lord also pled guilty to charge involving narcotics distribution well guys I'm telling you is the crypto currency market alive and well absolutely people want to trade that Bitcoin people want to make that money on that Bitcoin and they will do things that according to our traditional judicial system of today finds its unappealing that they're doing this because you know they want to leave the real money laundering the real theft to those who are registered and Wall Street it's too bad guys so what are your thoughts about the Bitcoin maven getting some jail time some potential jail time they're just using a local system told local bitcoins calm is this really a problem are they getting too draconian in their in their and in these types of things that what it's all about let me know in the Bitcoin dot pub in the comment section below thanks joining us in descriptive news but brought to you by a medi block org Healthcare decentralized guys healthcare decentralized if you're new you're subscribe to our YouTube channel for everyone else you know what to do smash the like button for the little doges or really quiet right now oh and a sexual bitcoin at yo

30 thoughts on “LA Bitcoin Trader Faces 30 Months in Jail for Trading Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins com?”

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  2. She should watch Karl Lentz on YouTube and ask, "who is the man or woman who has a claim against me that I have done wrong?".

  3. Everyone needs to get educated and knowledgeable enough to become moral. That morality can then allow us to keep to natural law and ridiculous things like putting someone in jail and making them out to be bad people simply because they traded without being part of the evil, despicable, corrupt, slavery system won’t happen anymore. Time to rattle the cages and shake the chains loud enough to wake these slaves up and show them the reality of their bondage. Hopefully they haven’t drank enough fluoridated water and ate enough GMOs or taken enough Pharmaceuticals to actually feel and get angry about it enough to get off their fat lazy Television watching asses and do something to better themselves and in turn…the world.

  4. A money transmitter license costs $175,000 the 1st year and $135,000 for annual renewals. This is unjust law making it so only the banks and the wealthy can be in the money markets.

  5. She should have just went to the LA sidewalks with all the "local" vendors selling CDs, clothes, shrimp, etc. Can't step on the banksters……

  6. If I was her, I'll convert everything/as much as I can, into crypto. She's only gonna come out richer. Tax payers are paying for her living costs and food lol

  7. It's a real shame they realized there's no going around the tech abs they don't want you to be rich or even talk about Lambos let alone drive one…

  8. BTC isn't just for the dark web criminals, it's for ALL criminals. BTC is the favorite crypto for criminals! Go Pita, pump that BTC!

  9. All millennials are not ignorant u ass clown. This used to be a good channel. Try watching your kids instead of reading clips when they right by u. Older generation u lame ass

  10. Yeah – if you're going to run a crypto business, you need to keep drugs out of it. Shit like this just feeds the notion perpetuated by the traditional financial system that crypto is for money laundering, fencing drug profits, and terrorist financing. If the traditional banking system ever gets too fed up with crypto, they'll buy off our politicians (United States) and force them to ban crypto altogether.

    We gotta keep this shit on the down-low and let the crypto billionaires and institutions in our side of ring (Winklevoss twins, Coinbase, others) lobby the SEC and the CFTC into keeping this market alive and well.

    Otherwise, the little guy is going to get fucking screwed (at least in the US) and we'll have no options left for closing the wealth gap between regular retail investors like us and big-time financial institutions and accredited investors.

    Remember: Crypto is a potentially life-changing financial asset. There's nothing else out there for us folks.

  11. I think the system is corrupted. Crush the Jew World Order and their federal reserve wall street corrupts! #dancingisrael

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