L is for Lead Magnets – Katherine Ledger

Hi. My name’s Katherine Ledger. I’m bringing you the
next letter in my A to Z of Content Marketing and Storytelling, and today’s letter is the
letter L, for lead magnets. Well, lead magnets are
indeed a very valuable way of building high converting
leads very quickly. But the key thing is
that most people will not to exchange their valuable
personal data with you, unless they see a clear
benefit for themselves, and that will be add value
to their business, help them make money, reduce stress,
some advantage like that. And they won’t necessarily
want to part with their contact details if they feel they’re going to be getting unsolicited mail, especially in these days where GDPR and
data privacy is so important. So, what we need to do
therefore is to actually work out what they will
find useful through Q & A’s, polls, surveys, that type
of thing, asking people. And once we’ve got that right,
then give them something in the formats that they will appreciate, and we could be giving them eBooks, we could be giving them mini-courses, infographics, templates,
all sorts of resources, but it has to be useful to them. And, if they like it they’re
going to be sharing it and they’re going to
be wanting to follow us because we’re useful people
to be connected with, and it will be the start of
a beautiful relationship. So that’s why we shouldn’t
treat lead magnets in a spaghetti-marketing style, throwing it up against the
wall and hoping it sticks, but making it really critical, a key part of our content marketing mix.

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