Kyber Network’s Decentralized Exchange [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

hey good morning it is February 11th and it's that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news today again I'm gonna do things a little bit different you know wonders days that the market really doesn't move you know I'm gonna try to keep it exciting kind of change things up a little bit rather than go through the same list that really didn't change and today is pretty much like yesterday the list really didn't change a market cap is hovering right around 410 it dropped a little bit under you know for 408 billion but overall bitcoins hovering around 8300 you throw them and right around 840 you know and everything else is pretty much the same as yesterday there's not much movement I know that some people are looking at the chart they're looking at you cash got pumped up huge but people are looking at the charts and they're saying you know what there's a good chance you know we're part of a fifth wave that might bring Bitcoin back down to 5,000 I don't think so but again it could happen but right now I think Bitcoin and the rest of the market is holding pretty well and I said that you know what I think there might be some sideways movement may be small dips and ups right now Bitcoin is holding above 8,000 yesterday it was trying to go below but it came back up and it's holding well so we'll see and you know some of the other big caps are holding quite well to ripples holding up a buck card I know that went up a lot recently litecoin still holding above 150 stellar around 38 cents yo said 870 iota 175 so you know you know I'm fortunately I owed a drop iota – you're pretty close he's dropped off big caps but you know what close enough overall they're holding pretty well okay so really that nothing has moved that much so none of the buyers really have changed so I'm going to do something different because today is you know what because the last few days a lot of you know what yesterday I've made yesterday's video about how to protect yourself from a centralized exchange such as finance right you got a few options you can store it on a wallet from the coin itself or you can store it on a universal desktop wall Universal mobile wallet or a hardware wallet and I forgot there's also a wallet for your browser specifically Chrome called meta mask so you can use that too so there's many options in terms of what what kind of wallets you can use right but today I want to cover a decentralized exchange and there's a few of them out there I've looked at bitshares before and it is confusing as hell the trading pairs just don't make sense and I looked into bitch here before it's actually not trading all Kryptos one for one there's something to it where it's leveraging leveraging like 30 percent I believe in terms of how I handles coins but overall Bashir's is just confusing really really confusing okay I looked at Croydon hood or kolben hood and it looks like a regular exchange like advanced features of exchange that you would see on Finance or ku coin it looks pretty simple but I want to cover a Kyber network today now khyber is something I you know what I was never a fan of before I've always pretty much skipped over khyber on the list and and the reason for that is because I said that khyber acted like a bank where it was like a bank for it was like a exchange plus a bank you know what and I think I might be wrong with that data analysis or assessment because today I'm going to show you guys how to use the Qyburn network decentralized exchange and it is by far one of the easiest exchanges you can use now it's not groundbreaking because it's actually very similar to something called shape-shift which many of you guys probably have heard of it's also integrated into the exodus wallet which yesterday but I will show you how khyber works and it's pretty nifty and they have at least six or seven coins already available for trading okay so let me show you that and show you guys around and you guys make assessment or you guys try it out and see how you like it okay so first of all let me show you shape-shift and those of you guys that aren't familiar with it shape-shift is pretty much where it's exchange that allows you to trade one point for another okay now the difference is that they don't provide a wallet okay so anything that you trade you need to provide your own wallet and this is the reason why most people don't really use shape-shift okay now in Exodus because Exodus is a desktop wallet it provides you all these wallets and it integrates with shape-shift so that's why Exodus is very easy to use because you have the wallet and they provide services where you can exchange between tokens or different points and it becomes really easy but if you look at it so for example here you can say what do you want to deposit so you can do any coin that they have available and you'll see that you know what it's a it's a it's a big list but you'll also see that sometimes they say temporary available unavailable okay so that means their liquidity is low so you can select say ether and then you want to receive I don't know let's just say light point for example okay and then you could continue and once you continue I'll ask you to I'll give you a dress first of all to deposit your ether and then they'll ask you for your wallet address to receive light coin and it doesn't for you so again you have to provide your own wallet shape-shift does not provide any wallet for you okay so it's really easy to use and you know what it is it's been around for a while and the downfall to shape-shift or I shouldn't say downfall that's that's harsh I mean the negatives to say shape-shift is one and is they have their own liquidity okay and the liquidity is provided by the users I don't believe I might be wrong but I don't believe shape-shift actually holds anything themselves so the liquidity is basically on what people are looking for or what they're depositing so you'll see all these that are unavailable okay and some of these are you know ones that you never heard of before like namecoin like no one really cares but you know you know but you have like neo on here you got was a knob on here in quantum on here that's unavailable the reason why it's unavailable because there's just no liquidity it's they don't have any to trade on the exchange so that's the problem so shape-shift sometimes and and you'll see if you guys use it at Exodus that's top wall you'll see this too you know what you're like hey I want to change something for something and you try to select in a drop-down and I'll say unavailable and you're like oh so you know that's the drawback because it has to wait for there's enough tokens on the exchange for someone that has deposited to for it to be able to actually exchange for something else so that's the biggest downfall to shape-shift obviously there's also the issue where it doesn't provide any wallet so that makes it harder for people to use because let's be frank you know people that are trading a lot right they do it on centralized exchange because they've basically providing for every single wallet that you you already need and if your coins are already on the wallets on a centralized exchange what reason do you have to use shape-shift because you're just gonna trade I'm gonna exchange right so only people that was really good shape ship is like the wallet users there's not an exchange or you know what you're storing I don't know you're you're storing things on a my ether wallet or ledger or something and you don't want to use a centralized exchange you just want to use this then that works – all right so that's shape-shift and there's another one that is called change okay and change Olli works there looks the parents looks the same where you can select whatever that you want and then you can change for now change Elly works different because change Elly actually doesn't have any liquidity it actually hooks up it uses it utilizes api's and it hooks up with other changes I believe the main exchange that they hook up with is Kraken so whatever that you're actually exchanging right it will do its thing on Kraken to change and give it back to you so it utilizes that so their 30 is it provides you with a lot more liquidity that way because Kraken is a lot bigger exchange however I have used this before and have seen were in periods of extreme slowness okay like let's say like Bitcoin network is completely completely like down because of slowness it's just or Bitcoin cash or ether em during those times and you try to do this the downfall is whatever they tell you by the time it actually goes through our network converts and gives it back to you it's actually lower or higher it's usually lower they don't give you higher because of all the time it takes two for two for everything to verify over the network so soap Tran jelly is also another one that kind of looks similar but it's really not the same thing okay now Khyber in my opinion after using a little bit this morning there's a lot closer to shape-shift in fact I think it's probably like shape ship except it is according to that I'm trustless it is decentralized which shape-shift is not OK but Khyber actually obviously has its shortcomings because it's new it doesn't have that many coins available Khyber also according to them does have liquidity which I believe it's going to be a mix where they have themselves went out and purchased a whole bunch of coins that they're putting into their exchange and also there allow later on people to put in their own coins for liquidity – as part of the network I don't believe that part has opened up yet but I remember hearing about that where Khyber's go allow users to be able to put in their coins as liquidity but for now this is the site for khyber very easy except terms and condition and click get started so this is where I was impressed with so you could connect to meta mask JSON I actually don't know how that works treasure ledger and key basically it wants to know what your private key is to your wallet okay and once it once it knows that then it could look up how many coins are you have alright so I'm just gonna use my private key alright which I know from from my ether wallet okay so in my key or yeah in my with this private key I have roughly around point 1s okay and you'll see here total value eighty five dollars so they convert and you'll see here this is let's look this is all the the coins that they have surprisingly gift Oh sign here requesting our basic attention token mana power ledger help status euros omni's go and obviously khyber okay so the list is quite impressive I mean you got some big hitters obviously yose you got armies go but then you got some up-and-coming like status and all power ledger don't know much about mana basic attention coin and I like requests so so and Kip though give those definitely the smallest one I'm surprised they got listed on here but alright so I'm gonna test this out with you guys so I'm will select and then I'm will select let's say Yeo's alright and then I have point one so I guess there's no easy way to do max so I'll just do a zero one source of mountain is over your cabbage exchange smaller than zero earth okay oh here we go okay how is wrong yeah so there's obviously some fees involved so if you want to do max you just click on this button and it gives you max this isn't max he'll do and then I get nine point five seven somebody owes tokens back alright um let's see you can do advanced which you can you can set a rate I mean the problem is if you set a rate you don't know what all the other like unlike by dance or any other exchanges you can see what to sell trees at and this you can't you're just kind of presented with the best available price and then also the gas you want to use so I mean if you wanted this to be quick I guess you can put a higher gas or collect poor fast but from what they have described this is supposed to be quick like almost instantly anyway so I'm not going to touch that all right so I'm would leave this and then I'm gonna change your address now eligible for exchange at the moment please come back later okay I don't know why so let's try something else let's try power lecture let's see what happens is power ledger so I do this exchange your address not available for a change at the moment please come back later okay so something's definitely not right alright so something something is not right it doesn't like my address for some reason okay but so the way this works looks exactly like shape-shift except that this is decentralized and you know what it's supposed to be super secure they don't actually hold anything so that you know what when you're doing this right it's going from your wallet like directly from your wall to your wallet right so they're actually not holding anything so yeah so that that's the khyber network the centralized exchange this to me by far is the easiest one I have used so far all right so the big benefit is this is super easy the bat is somehow it doesn't work I gotta figure it out it could be this me okay but it can't it doesn't like my address for some reason so I can't use it but for those of you guys that maybe maybe maybe you know what's going on you could tell me but so the bat is maybe there's still some kinks that needs to be figured out and then also all the trading pairs right I mean in terms of the coins there's not that many but it's it's a good start obviously just like any other decentralized exchange they're not gonna have everything even a centralized change you don't have everything right it takes time before they add so yeah Khyber's looking pretty good so has my stance chanson Khyber in terms of you know what do I think they're gonna go up you know we'll see because you know to be honest koib and hood which also has their decentralized exchange you know obviously they have a lot more trading pairs right now okay and their price is vastly lower so that you know what it hasn't really helped their price yet but I know it's a down market so it's a little bit different so you can't expect everything to go up in a down market but Khyber has been holding very well in the top 100 and it's just been holding here and I've been kind of ignoring it but definitely my stance hasn't changed I'm still neutral on it but I wanted to show you guys an option in terms of a decentralized exchange and hopefully I could figure this out if this is a problem with Khyber or is a problem with me and once it gets going then you know what it could be a viable alternative for you guys that want to trade without using a centralized exchange and this is all off of your own wallet so it could be your could be your my ether wallet could be your ledger treasurer whatever that you're basically using where you have access to the private key alright and that's pretty much it I'm gonna make today's very short today's a Sunday you guys probably have things to do on the market is still holding right around 4:10 like I said and you will see what tomorrow and the rest of this week brings and it's definitely the starter the second week and we're getting closer and closer to the Chinese lunar year and we will see what happens afterwards alright guys thanks for tuning in and I will see you tomorrow bye bye

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  4. Kyber Network mainnet is only open for the people who were involved in ICO and whose addresses are registered at the ICO time. That is why you are not able to exchange the tokens.

  5. Isn't the a risk someone will hack your address (the one you enter)and steal all your coins directly from your wallet?

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