Kurland wildlife Vlog! Market place coin madness. E#12

Sunday’s chill. From stories- old market place, pub. Now farm field. Coins – always in good condition. A lot of “santimes”. (1920-1940 Latvia) Sometimes some Tzar coin. Again- wonderfield. Zemgale district exposition. Jelgava. 1937. Badge. Beautiful. Always have that feeling that you want gold. That’s ore. 1720 Ok. This one goes to museum. Silver. 20 minutes right? Yes. That’s how Equinox works. Mostly santimes. Only santimes. Only one swedish coin. 20 kopeki. Year 1956. CCCP Again some miracles been dug up. Denga. 1811. 5 cents. Lithuania. Color is beautiful. I thought again gold coin. Something yellow come out. But wait. They had lits and cents right? They had …….. 😀 Guys arguing. As always. When you get bored from santimes. And what is interesting. A lot of them are scrached in straight angle. Colleague was showing off with Tzar coin. 1 kopeika serebrom. 1842. Beautiful. Carry on. Day are going to end soon. Time by time – santimes. And again. Kopeiki serebrom. I was fishing near by a lot of years and didn’t knew that was walking on top of money. Old local guy: Good that cows didn’t eat these coins. 😀 In old times people gave pieces of copper coins to cows and believe that it helps with stomach problems. So who’s winner today. In moments when your legs start to hurt. Than you dig last signal. And trip to car. 2 santimes. But… not yet. All day. None. Only this one. What it means? Deep. Yes… deep. Beautiful. Really beautiful. And that is evening.

3 thoughts on “Kurland wildlife Vlog! Market place coin madness. E#12”

  1. Labs raciens.man gan šodien tā forši kā suncim rakt.lāpstu aizmirsu mājā 😀 tā ģenga riktīg laba.bieži netrāpas.

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