Kryptoflash – Cryptocurrency news | Ep 18: The First Exchange on Earth to Offer Voice Live Support

Hey KNOWERS, Michaela here from Kryptono Exchange. It’s been a while since our last episode but I’m back As always, we have a brand-new promotion this week to give you It’s just a few clicks away you can win So I want you to check out our bulletin this week. First, we are extremely pleased to announce Kryptono Exchange is first exchange on Earth to offer Voice Live Support Now you can do real-time KYC via calls simply by scanning the QR code or click on the link provided on your account The same QR code can be used to access Kryptono Live Support for any inquiries with options for voice/video calling and live chat sessions This is one out of the many communication capabilities we have been able to deliver through our recent partnership with Beowulf Blockchain As Beowulf’s proprietary inbound communication service QUICKOM utilizes QR code technology for enterprises and personal transactions with a focus on privacy and flexibility With QUICKOM you can create a QR code tailor-made to your preference in terms of one-time validity expiration date, budget, or more and share it instead of sharing your phone number for contact Be it messaging, voice/video calling you’re just one photo scan away to stay connected to your audience With this special collaboration we’ll let you in on an exciting promotion we have lined up exclusively for our KNOWers Starting from June 24 to July 8, 2019 by signing up on Beowulf with your registered email on Kryptono you will receive $5 promotional credit for all QUICKOM communication services To earn another $5 simply join Beowulf Telegram group and submit your information to the bot It only takes minutes! And that’s not the BEST part! Refer a friend and earn 20% commission on your their spending on QUICKOM services Simply tell them to register using your referral code or invitation link found on your account page As we all know, the more the merrier. So do check your mailbox for the next email from Kryptono Also, we have a link in the description info below for more details about the promotion And that’s it for me for this Krypto Flash news bulletin Stay tuned as we bring you more sneak peaks on our latest promotions And don’t forget to hit like and subscribe to our channel For now, Michaela out.

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