How to invest millions in cryptocurrency thanks to Kraken? Hi, my name is Xolali Zigah and I’m your high return investments expert. So today you may be in a position where you have sold your company, you have sold some real estate and you want to invest a lot of money in a new field something original. You may be in a situation where you heard about cryptocurrency and you heard about people that have made a lot of gain with it and you want to invest massively. So how to do it If you have for example 1 million to invest? You may have noticed that I’m a professional trader it means that I’m doing a lot of movement in the markets. So for me spreading some money in the market is something that I do every day. How can you do the same? If you want to invest 1 million in crypto currencies thanks to Kraken you will face what we call KYC and AML KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ and AML stands for ‘Anti Money Laundery’ Why? When you transfer a lot of money into a platform they are obliged to verify if this is clean money or dirty money so after you pass this verification you will have to go to the professional level because if you don’t reach the professional level you won’t be able to put a lot of money in it How does it work? If you go to Kraken there are different levels : level one is called starter, level two is called intermediate and level three is called Pro. So even if you’re not a professional trader it doesn’t mean that you cannot reach this level Once you passed the two first levels you will be facing a questionnaire they will ask you questions about finance. For example: do you know how a market works? Do you know how to place a trade when the market goes up and when the market goes down? So you will be facing a questionnaire but after you answer those questions they will allow you to put a lot of money in it. They will allow you for example to put up to ten millions per day You have heard right they will allow you to put ten million a day and in one month if you really have a lot of money they will allow you to put hundred millions a day but if you put that much money on the market maybe you will become what we call a whale: somebody that can make the market go up and down. But you are wrong because Kraken they thought about everything they have another platform where you can put a lot of money and that has no impact on the market. This is called OTC for people that know finance OTC market stands for over-the-counter market So you will be able to put a lot of money and have no impact on the market so that other people won’t be penalized by your activity. So that’s something really interesting because right now there are very few people that are able to spend and to put a lot of money in an exchange and thanks to this website right now it’s possible. So if you want to know more about it if you want to know and to discuss about your strategy, your investments if you want to invest massively in this market, if you want to know what strategies are best for you for your portfolio if you have a lot of money to put on the table feel free to send me a private message and I will be glad to answer you right away! So that’s it for today I hope you liked this video. My name is Xolali Zigah and I’m the founder of CashAngel. Bye-bye!

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