Kraken: Bitcoin Cash SV doesn’t meet listing requirements

Hello! I’m Alice Amber. You’re watching Crypto market news. A major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Kraken
confirmed in a blog post that it had begun supporting both forks of Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin
ABC and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision – while warning traders about “many red flags.” The announcement included a disclaimer that
BCH SV does not meet the exchange’s usual listing requirements and should be seen as
an extremely risky investment. Before the split, Kraken had announced that
it would only support Bitcoin Cash ABC, but according to the latest post, the exchange,
after all, supports BCH SV. The average market value of SV cryptocurrency
over the past days has decreased by more than 30%, now it is $41. Bitcoin Cash ABC is trading much higher – at $204. You’ve been watching Crypto Market News. Subscribe to our channel and don’t forget
to click the bell not to miss the most important news and trends of Crypto. I’m Alice Amber. Goodbye.

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