Korean Blockchain Empowering Crypto Dapp Economy

welcome everyone it's the crypto lurk and I'm very excited to have on today been up from flet up how's it going how are you doing very good now we're gonna be talking about just what you guys are doing breaking down some of the partnerships and things like this but just before we do jump into that I'd like to have a big thank you to the team over at fleeta for helping to support the channel by sponsoring this video now let's I think start at the high level what is it what are you doing what is your elevator pitch well the the kind of event to make a very long patient and infants we are the approaching main lab project which provide the most optimal an idea infrastructure to develop this that's what we would like to say there you go and well so you already have your test net going right now exactly main net scheduled for later this year so can I ask what have the results from the test net bein well did I actually did a real launcher did all your mod and we actually set up our nose all of the work for the 36 nose and in rear and the nose and actually we which do data up to the 10,000 PPS on average and under the six classic you and either we are aiming to reach the 20k PPS for the main that in q2 of the 2019 mm-hmm 10,000 transactions per second is certainly a great place to start and obviously aiming towards 20,000 is very encouraging indeed so it's good to hear the test that has been going very well now one of the big things of course when we talk about blockchains is the depth that will be built on top of them now you guys already have the flattest city simulation yeah tell us a little bit about it yes it's just like neither game the app and an everything game turns everything every transaction in the game a completely record it on the blockchain it's completely owned same block game and it's likely the P who can buy their city only on their own landscape only the cloud server and every as the every transactions are recorded only the blockchain owner did they can check their Greg I'll detain only the block is for flora of the deflector chain it's very exciting and we are releasing the version this D the third of the April in Korea so the people can actually kind of Anan technology you can actually see and experience see the technology of the flat-pack now is a big focus of Letta actually focused on gaming or are you looking at a lot of other different use cases yes of course of course we are looking for these different use cases very the lots of be a great amazing blockchain project as i school already we are much more likely the optimal infrastructure for the every industry for the every development so the one of the reasons that don't we launcher ami app is like the lab people can easily experience the flag technology and the you know game because a lots of very high speed compared to other the apps so the game will be one of our target market in the and the in the meantime we are also aiming to neither its and the industry to the financial financial instruments or the payment or the marketing as well so that we are the we are open to every group project which actually make the world better with the blockchain technology based on the flood tests little innovative technology now you you have it kind of written behind you there that the platform for sustainable adapt ego says yes in fact but the idea here is kind of acting as a gateway network to allow compatibility to most adapts which were built on most major platforms now yes exactly that sounds like a really big project in terms of letting for example etherium INEOS and Trond apps have this kind of compatibility so how do you achieve that what's the idea behind it well it's like a one of the kind of leaders struggle point of the new main that project is like allegiance with the exchange because it's likely but if our did't record a spot is listed on the certain exchange they need to set up a server based on flattered and that will be some kind of a hassle for the exchange as well as ID apps so that it'll be other so that idea coming from the other nice already though the apps that we are speaking with right now so that they can actually the issue and operate their tokens on their the original platform but in the meantime just set up an a trading at well to deflect aside chain so that they can actually operate their to the service based on the deflector service same it's like either we can also do the kind of attract lots of it at the apps taking Zoe are technology in the meanest minimize a test has such in terms of the token exchange and they exchange little Asians making it user-friendly is such an important part yes when it comes down to it if these centralized applications isn't easy people aren't gonna do it and this is something that okay I'm a big blockchain enthusiast so I'll go and use some DAP but for most people remember we're talking about getting billions of people involved we have to make it as easy as possible and that's easy transition between tokens between chains all these different things now Flecha is using something called proof of formulation formulation so what is this that is our all new consensus model as like a proof of formulation is our DoD deflector consists the algorithm for the feta ecosystem and it's like people is that kind of a lot of you wqs is lucky the we are the choosing the order of the blah Creator so that it we can even reduce it nice visas indeed of in terms the plot creation the block mining and it is like today you know it's like in case Tokyo WEP us they need to block miner needed to compete with each other to get a block yes instead we are just likely to set the order based on with all calculation in the fair manner so that everybody can see the capital n Bergen at the appropriate based on order and based on the calculation so that we can also meaning my little race features in the meantime the people can get a fair plot V s and it another little kind of strong part of the POF is like either you know we don't need a lot of the Dicker's pala it's likely the already formulator which the mining node is operated on a processor so it's like unlikely the people need to get a kind of a high specification of the CPU or the mining machine all they need to do is just like it set up our DB starting with the number of the other mining node only that the flat tire ecosystem another trick and operate a mining us so it's like a very easy and simple and fair wait for the block creation so anyone can mine oh yes exactly anyone can mine very good it's good to have systems where it's more democratic in terms of my anything now you're also doing something called block redesign well I guess you're redesigning the way that we conceptualized blocks in the block chain which is already something so what is the concept behind your block redesign well it's likely that that concept actually coming from the kind of reduced the volume of the database in the meantime we can also increase the speed RB the transaction so that because I are primed is a block we desire technology which is the u.s. patent right under the process the US patent we can actually the kind of the increase speed of transaction by 43% because the we can reduce the decider block so that a smaller data state can be attached to the next transaction more easily and more fastly so that either as like either yes so that it our dev team that came up with an idea to me everything did that every transaction efficiently and faster now a lot of cryptocurrency projects are using Merkle trees but Flecha has decided to go with level tree validation so yes what is the difference here why did you choose to use level tree validation well that one is also data coming from the idea to make transaction faster in the meantime further does the kid in a kind of a the validation process ended up feta ecosystem because it you know under the blockchain all the blocks in that world did a kind of speed is important in the meantime this kind of security is also important as well so it's likely though we can be or converse you know this kind of acknowledged pattern kind of reverse either utx work and account type so that it's like a hybrid model of the validation of the Ute EXO and account time so that data it can do minimize data transactions in the cache and they can reduce either taste waste the aether based based as well so then we can increase the efficiency of the validation process now flood is also doing a multi chain structure now is this yes basically side chains or is this something different oh it's all kind of the people can see fit and I think that it is kind of side chain that it could be honest is completely different thing because like you know whoa as you can do the checker did a video intro we are saying that flat tire is like a universe it's likely that we are the setting of the huge magma in we are data setting up in the independent chain only the eesti app and only the kind of the over Africa eco system so did I by applying this kind of independent multi new structure is the app can operate their own project determine regardless of the number of the apps on the Flex ecosystem so that would be the one of the division that we can reach the economy the highest ility compared to the other blocks in platform for now yeah having a multi change structure I think can be very important for a lot of block chains moving forward because as we see when you try and do everything on one chain it becomes difficult yes exactly second layer scaling solutions and all these different things now I want to move the conversation away I guess from the technology a little bit to some of the partnerships that you have so there's some very exciting names on here now the two I want to explore first off is met apps plus yeah can you explain this partner for anyone who doesn't know can you tell us who are these people that take a lesson yeah you also I'll just tell what the partnerships about they're actually the leading the blocks and accelerate a marketing corporation in Japan in Asia as well so that we set up our that we started our partnership with a mid pass plus since the January of the 2019 and they are actually kind of either sharing their insights and advice on the blockchain industry about how we can conduct and expand their business as the only state started very cool seeing seeing you with them I think says a lot about the quality of what fled is developing now I want to talk about another partnership to which is foresting so again yes tell us who they are and what the partnerships about oh yes they are did the blockchain pays as soon as platform project and that they are they aiming to lost their did a kind of platform this year and I already kind of he does all Canada to get listed on the big is changed and kind of the very the kind of well-known in the Asian reason they are looking for this kind of a technology partner who can deter kind of develop their in the project based on the secure and the fast and kind of the kind of leader a limited scalable video platform so that's the reason that we started our conversation about the partnership and they thought the other thing that we are speaking about is that they are the startup and we are the standard which has the different back backgrounds and the discouraging have a strong background in gender marketing and the management and in M&A as well so they can also share their kind of insights about this kind of either investor relationship or the kind of doing all kind of Li the business in this a different part with the corporation so that it's like the we are did a lie of the ecosystem and the kind of the we are just helping each other further the business developed the technology available very cool now that's just two of the more prominent partners that you're working yes but there's actually a big list of partners we're not going to go into all of them but there's quite a few other partnerships that are very interesting to now on the roadmap we have the main net scheduled to happen in quarter two of this year at one quarter – you have 90 days now to get the main net out do you that is going down and are you confident that the main that can be delivered within quarter – yeah you're kind of either everything on a project roadmap is on a track so that we are aiming to launcher the main lag in the kind of it's the late May of this year so it's completely on the Qt after 2019 so they thought to be honest the most other key technology are fully developed under the better test net so they own in terms of the mainly development we are in a much more focus on the attracting and lots of the ads so that they can actually kind of run their project with it economy got once we the start is with our the mainland on the market very cool very cool it's great to see you know main net coming soon which is fantastic and obviously once the main net comes out then the the DAP ecosystem can start to develop now which is something I guess is the next question you're based in Korea are you Korean market focused oh no well you know as you can check out the website or in our previous experience you can see that we are actually started already the kind of we set up our first office in the mountain so the one of the reason that we need kind of it kind of it that even though we are the Korean brand there the block team Nanda we are as in the blockchain infrastructure we are aiming to go global all the time because a lot of the interest project are that happening in all of the world even though this kind of the Korean keep the market is one of the key market in this blockchain industry so that even though we are did we are they are trying to do the key our Korean pad in this in this blockchain industry in the meantime we are trying to define we are also defining the opportunities in the global market all the time yeah I think you have to be global focused when obviously Korea is a super important market when it comes to the crypto economy but the Korean government has super exciting startups in particularly around icos and if you're an underlying blockchain protocol you're going to have taps there will be IC OS happening on top of your platform so the need for a global strategy I think comes in very important there and speaking of strategy what is your go to market strategy there are so many block chains how do you get to developers and get to different companies and say choose us over the other guy well did as I mentioned earlier we are the most optimal and the developer friendly the block team perform so now that is kind of a the idea that we applied in a gateway Network for that for a may not as well so the compatibility and the kind of it all kind of developer friendly infrastructure will be already the strategy all the time in the meantime they really argue defer in terms of the kind of partnership owner the kind of current partnership everything is real it's just like the putting a logo is the logo swapping the logo that's it we are actually speaking about how we can either cooperate with each other to expand already the kind of blocking industry all the time so that will be become setting up a strong partnership and making an initiative and movement together would be another our strategy in the global market hmm very cool well a lot going on for sure I think we're all excited to see that that main net coming out of course it may as you mentioned so very very cool Benna thank you so much for coming on the channel and telling everyone a little bit about what you guys are doing over at flood and if anyone's to learn more information of course there'll be a link down below yes so that we are these are kind of a very important date is coming up in terms of detail is the first listing as well as ready the main lawns as well so that we are open to everyone who can support us in terms of Technology and business as well so the please showing us on the Flickr ecosystem all the time that's right if you're a developer and you're looking to develop a project reach out to the team find out if there's synergies there that you can bring together awesome thank you so much thank you luck it's very nice seeing you in it thank you thank you

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  1. Fleta City Simulation sounds like Decentraland. It was a little difficult to understand Bita. Sounds like Fleta is kind of a combination between Ethereum and EOS with a new consensus mechanism?

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