((Korea Bitcoin News Eng Sub))ETF $14 Billionaire jump into Cryptocurrency Market/14조 자산가의 결단/ビットコイン

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For those who are stressed in the bear market, We will give you mental-strengthening education. Have you ever heard of Steven Cohen? A famous hedge fund manager and venture investor in the US Previously this is Alberto Giacometti artwork, he bought this, and he paid $ 101 Million. Wait. he bought another artwork. At the time of Picasso painting pirce was OMG !! Ok. Anyway, the article was written in 2014, Considering inflation. The Statue value was about $ 150 Million. And considering inflation in 2012
He paid 200 millions and bought Picasso paintings This is very expensive artworks. Steven Cohen Venture Investor spent a lot of money. Considering inflation, he bought this artwork for $ 150 Million. In addition to that, he bought shark statues for astronomical money. Why I show you this, There is something I want to say before that. What is really interesting is that Alberto’s artwork is exhibited at the LACMA in Los Angeles. This artwork is open to the public.
Every time I visited the museum, I often passed by this artwork. “This statue seems to be unrealistic because it stretches out people so much” If you think this tiny art piece is worth $ 150 Million, it’s really crazy. Then I can not imagine the price of these statues in LACMA.
Life is full of mystery Back to the topic, Steven Cohen is a very famous venture capitalist. In 2015, his salary was $ 2 billion. Steven Cohen’s 2018 Total Assets is
$ 14 Billion. This is insane. It’s is very rare to earn $ 2 billion as salary. This guy knows money very well. He knows how to make money. As one who survived in a rapidly changing financial market he had humble beginning.
he didn’t have a lot of money in the beginning. he started his career as a junior trader on Wall Street. He is self-made billionaire . In a competitive environment where every day is changing rapidly, he survives. and Buying Picasso paintings while paying astronomical money and buying Alberto works He created venture capital fund. The name Venture Capital is Steven Cohen’s Venture Capital. The company plans to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Investors will invest in major cryptocurrency and blockchain start-up ICOs. Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong is a partner. In addition,
Union Square Ventures and Craft Ventures They joined together.
Interestingly, In this article, the writer asked “Why did not you invest in Ripple?” The answer is uncertainty of regulation. For example, in the case of Etherium, it was ruled out that Etherium is not securities, However, if Ripple is a security, Ripple will be subject to SEC law. Venture capital fund is reluctant to invest money to Ripple. This is a bad news, but we need to know the information even though you don’t want to hear. Thank you for your understanding. Other venture funds also avoid Ripple investments for the same reasons. The fact that Ripple can be classified as securities is a centralized institution whereas Etherium is owned by decentralized institution. That is why Etherium was ruled that it is not a security. People who have invested Ripple, Please aware of this. This will be a potential risk for Ripple. Subscribers, Steven Cohen has various experiences. Starting as a Junior Trader in the Wall Street, he eventually became self made millionaire. He purchased very expensive artworks, buy Picasso paintings, and in 2015 The salary is over 2 billion, and his net worth is now $ 14 billions. His venture fund is investing in cryptocurrency market. This tells something. Doesn’t it? The Cryptocurrency market will explode. Please do not be discouraged. I visited here often and
Think about $ 150 million for one piece. Steven Cohen purchased this artwork. A venture investor who has been thoroughly calculating the money has paid a large sum to this tiny artwork. When he decide to invest, he calculates everything including growth potencial, market condition …etc. He has survived in a competitive financial market through successful investment. However, he invested lots of money in this artwork.
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