Kiss Your Car Goodbye

Thanks to the smartphone, going from A to B is so easy that it’s got some urban dwellers wondering… Why bother owning a car when you can easily get where you want at the press of a button? It’s an idea known as “mobility as a service”, where travelers say goodbye to their own cars and sign up instead for transportation-on-demand booked through their smartphones. Imagine, for instance, a commuting plan that charges by the mile or through a monthly fee, like Netflix. The demise of car ownership, at least in the world’s growing urban centers, is a prospect that the world’s automakers are getting ready for. But it’s not going to happen right away. A major switch to subscription transportation requires two things to fall into place. The first is already well under way: the explosion of ride-hailing apps like Lyft, Grab and Careem. The second part isn’t quite there yet. That’s driverless cars. Removing the human from behind the wheel slashes the cost of a taxi ride. That will make mobility as a service so cheap in many places, it won’t make financial sense to own a car anymore. A typical ride today costs $2 to $3 a mile, but a robo-taxi is projected to cost as little as 70 cents per mile. Tesla chief executive, Elon Musk reckons he can lower that to 18 cents a mile. That will turbo-charge demand for mobility as a service, which is destined to become a $10 trillion business, according to Ford Motor Company. That’s why tech giants like Google and Apple are developing their own self-driving systems to take on the world’s leading automakers, including Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford and Toyota. Eventually, a single smartphone app could connect us to a web of options: robo-taxis, self-driving shuttles, subways, e-bikes and electric scooters — that will whisk us through congested megacities, where two-thirds of the global population is projected to live by mid-century. Someday, urban dwellers may have to spend a day in the country to catch a glimpse of that 20th Century show pony known as a private car.

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  1. Finally! People need to wake up from marketing deceptions that you need to own a car in cities…can’t wait, bring it on!

  2. Exciting yet unpredictable future ahead as we transition from "baby boomers" worldview to "millenials" view. As a millenial, i will defenitally see revolutionary changes thoughout my life

  3. 0.18$ a mile means i'd be taking a robo taxi just about everywhere. Even just going around the corner.

  4. Why bother mentioning UBER? …. It's just the largest ride hailing company in the world😂😂

  5. They'll get rid of the person and charge more. People in big cities are mostly stupid, line everywhere but population says there's much greater numbers.

  6. This is just a sales propaganda for these companies to help boost thier share values long term. I believe the change will be to owning smaller electric shopping cars for local use plus long distance electric self or road guided cars…imo Laurie

  7. It is not 'Private Car', it is 'Personal Car'.. All cars will still be private.. Bloomberg, you had ONE job!

  8. If its really .18 cents a mile i would take it to work the gas, maintenance and the ability to not being annoyed by traffic is appealing to me.

  9. Why isn't anyone talking about how we shouldn't pay car insurance ever again? even if Owen a self-driving car.

  10. Innovations don't happen that openly. How well did any of us predict the decline of DSLR cameras 20 years ago?

  11. none of this crap is happening anytime soon. All these evolutions take decades because the older generation wont comply.. In 1972 we took our 6th trip to walk on the moon, and by 1984 we were supposed to be on Mars.. In 1997 massive reaserach agencies said miami would be under water by 2017.. In 1927 a movie about the future showed cars flying through major cities. the list goes on ,.. unless youre 1 right now you wont see people giving away their cars in favor of subscriptions. Then they say " it wont make financial sense to own a car anymore " …it doesnt make financial sense to own any depreciating asset but we all do.

  12. Just wait till you get in a vomit filled car with whitecastle boxes on the seat. -Was a cab driver for a year

  13. Elon is a revolutionary man to major existing companies, they must hate him so bad. But we consumers like him a lot. He is a gift to humanity.

  14. This whole report is like those 1920s reports of the future…..we will always have our own transport ,self driving or manual . If you live in london you dont really need a car even today but people still have cars even if they use it once a month.
    I find these reports quite amusing.

  15. I don’t have a car. Only use Uber and Lyft. Would really love for Self Driving cars to pick me up. Would go easier to my own wallet. Especially here in Dallas, TX

  16. Why don’t people just cycle or use pedal assist bikes and use electric cars ,lorry’s or vans which can be hired cheaply to transport heavy items

  17. If your wondering why they didn't mention Uber you need to be more aware of the world around you. Uber is an extremely liberal company and Bloomberg is conservative. Basic politics.

  18. Suicide by robot? … No thank you.

    An fully automatic car is just a terrible idea, unless the software is made open source.

  19. This is both practical and possible and a partial solution to the terrible mess we’ve made in the design of our cities.

  20. I'd rather take the bus – _-. And no I'm not kissing my car goodbye. I like to own one thank you very much.

  21. Perpetuating nonsense for clicks as usual. We are nowhere near autonomous driving being road safe. It doesn't work. It's a dead end.
    It can only work for trucks on highways or military convoys. Not in an urban area where there are people, animals and an occasional ball falling out of court.

  22. No thanks I’ll continue to drive my lifted 1985 Toyota SR5 pickup truck until the day I die and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop me.

  23. Steven Wright will do 2 more comedy releases: "I have a show pony" & "I still have a show pony."

  24. All depends on the personal amount of use.
    Frequent drivers will still drive cars, the rest of us will be OK with a robot taxi.
    This will prevent a lot of human-made accidents. We can be happy about that !

  25. The environmental claims about ELECTRIC scooters are nonsense. If a litter scooter needs to be replaced every two months, how much do you think the battery costs in terms of CO2 emissions and toxic waste? Also, don’t forget that the electric energy doesn’t magically appear in the grid.

  26. If it's an idea of Elon Musk, it scares me. There were so many deadly accidents with Tesla Autopilot. And this car will be 100% Autopilot.

  27. Or I can just walk or bike and not pay anyone anything. Market it to techies and hipsters as Mobility Independence.

  28. Make Sure you Have the Chip …So all the self driving Cars see you…No wait U won't have a Choice

  29. I'll ditch my supercharged quad cab SRT10 Dodge Ram Night Runner when they prise the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands.

  30. I don't think these tiny flimsy things on wheels operated by double D batteries & driver-less too can drive on the highways, bc they're not fast enough to drive on the highways next to the giant 18-wheeles. And without driving on the highways you can't go anywhere in today's mega-cities & arrive to your destinations on time.

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