Kiana Danial Review Invest Diva Review Is Kiana Danial a SCAM? [OPINION]

Kiana Danial Invest Diva from is Kiana Danial from invest diva dot com a scam or is she legitimate
this question has been popping on so many people’s minds especially on the
minds of those who’ve just seen a post about invest diva on social media and
want to know if the invest diva movement is the real deal you got questions and I’ve
got answers and I in fact am Kiana Danial the founder of the invest diva
movement and the author of three best-selling investing books. I was named
the personal investment expert of the year 2018 by the investment fund Awards
you may have seen or heard me on your TV radio and other media like time Forbes
Nasdaq Fox Business and CNN I’m an adjunct professor of wealth management
at universities in New York and Tokyo and I’m not telling you these things to
brag just hang on and I’ll tell you why I’m telling you this in a little bit but
first let’s take a travel back in time all these accomplishments are oh great
right now but if we were able to travel back in time just ten years ago you
would see a totally different Kiana Danial, there I was a timid girl in a
room filled with guys talking about finance I had no idea what any of these
things they set meant I was however starting to realize the power of
investing but I was so fearful of investing on my own so I decided to hand
my hard-earned cash to a pro it makes sense right I knew nothing about finance
I don’t have the time so I’ll go ahead and give it to him to do it for me right?
that pro locked my money and has barely performing index fund and kept charging
me hidden commission fees. when I got fired from my
job and I really needed that money to simply survive he told me that I’d have
to pay a 75% penalty because it was before the maturing date this was the
final straw and this experience really made me want to take things into my own
hands and manage my own money that is why I decided to come to New York and
work at the heart of global finance Wall Street I wanted to learn all about what
makes the warren buffett’s of the investment world I worked at three
different financial companies including the inside of the New York Stock
Exchange itself and that’s when I learned another thing this whole
financial system that has been set up and it’s not an evil system but it’s
there to maximize the profits of these corporations they’re not looking out for
the investor because the investor is second and we think we’re first or not
plus I was the only woman in the room about 97% of the time I finally decided
to actually leave the toxic corporate finance and I rejected two job offers
from Japanese banks on Wall Street and I went solo to start the invest diva
movement right help people especially women and moms who are looking for
financial security but are scared and intimidated by it those who want to do
it but they think that they need to be stuck to their screen all day to invest
those who think they need to have thousands of dollars before they can
start investing those who think that they need to be some sort of math whiz
to invest so with invest even education I take all I learned the hard way and
show you the easy way in fact I showed my investiga students
exactly how I funded my daughter’s college funds through investing while I
was on maternity leave and I literally suck at math now let’s go back to the
original question and answer why I told you that little story and
that question was that is Kiana Danial invest diva from invest diva dot cam a scam
or is she legitimate now if you ask this guy who does nothing but making YouTube
hate videos about his competitors throwing shade at them to make himself
look better I’m apparently a scam he has called me the scum of Earth because I
teach women who and his words are “naive” to participate in the financial markets
he then goes on to promote his own financial services which is options
trading which is one of the riskiest things you can do with your money he
also has made a bunch of videos about the brokers that he takes Commission
fees from saying that they are legit but Kiana Danial the founder of invest diva
movement who never accepts commissions from any corporations is apparently a
scam so he’s out there I’ve had a lot of fun watching what he’s got to say about
me with his Invest Diva reviews and Kiana Danial reviews and yes I do love
my enemies I do have fun with it do you think I’m crazy? I mean yes I was a
little bit bummed out when I first found out that there was someone out there who
doesn’t like me… I mean how can he not like me right?!
but all jokes aside and after I talked with my coaches who are a thousand times
more famous than I am and therefore are subject a ton more social media bullying
and hate I realized that when you get your first hater that means that you’ve
got your message out there it means that your message is reaching the right
people and turning off the wrong people my message is not for everyone and it
shouldn’t be so I ended up having a little dance in my kitchen with my
little daughter because it seems like the invest diva movement
is actually getting noticed and with the many many happy students who have seen
results actual results with the Invest Diva education I have no doubt
that this movement is going to help a ton more people with their future
financial security but don’t take my word for it watch the next video for
Kiana Danial and Invest Diva reviews from my real students not the opinion
from a competitor who’s never even bothered to really read any of my books
or watch any of my education material

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  1. Well good luck?? after scanning your videos you have videos on 4X. That something I will never do. That plus option training is not my thing. Crypto is a crazy enough ride. Someone should build a strong financial base and in crypto's today penny's count. It's nice to look at something like XLM @ 0.06 or DGB @ 0.073 and make a decision. HAPPY TRADING!!!????

  2. Legit…..Love Love her videos and love Kianas strategy/advice that she gives….You are Awesome keep up the Great work 🙂

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