KFC Blocks Our Video

What is the point of viral marketing, if the minute somebody talks about it YOU FREAKING BLOCK IT. Yesterday we were doing our podcast and we talked about the Colonel doing his DJ set at Ultra and the minute that we put it up after the livestream ended, they blocked it worldwide! This speaks to a bigger problem that I think a lot of creators are having right now and it’s really grinding my gears because we all make fun of YouTube, like we all give YouTube shit for it’s broken copyright system but I think that it’s time that we turn our attention to the people who are the biggest offenders right now; These companies that think that they can do the most aggressive bad-faith copyright enforcement possible and just get away with it. You hear my price tag jiggling. That’s how you know, I’m frickin pissed, dude *just end my suffering* Yeah, you know why I’m wearing this menorah, it’s Passover. I’m supposed to be passed over and here I am, pissed off! Thanks Colonel Douchebag. *lol, you make me realize how my life has been, you douchebag* It started when businesses started specifically building automated systems to match Content ID outside of YouTube’s automated system and they started approaching huge brands huge media companies and saying “Hey come to us! We’re gonna make you a million dollars a month. We’re gonna claim all your videos. You don’t have to do anything! We’ll do everything and we get 50%.” So it pretty much absolves the big media company of any responsibility and these other guys these third parties go out and they get bounties on claims and such things so they go out there. They have no obligation, no desire, no incentive even to consider fair use, and they’ll claim anything for any reason. So right now you’re saying it’s just field days worse than it’s ever been for monetization for creators! I mean, I have seen some really egregious stuff. But I’m talking five second clips on a two-hour podcast and they’re gonna claim the whole thing and earn our money. Mr. Beast once, he literally hummed the tune of a song and got claimed by UMG for a 20 minute video that had 20 million views for humming a song for 5 seconds. Singing: “Hes a maniac, maniac!” This is one of the clips that Mr.Beast’s entire video with 20 million views got claimed for. These companies care about their image and they care about their bottom line, and when KFC, when Colonel Douchebag is out here trying to do his viral marketing and his partners over at Ultra are blocking worldwide anytime somebody tries to talk about it, I think KFC should know about it, you know, maybe all the sudden those chicken tenders aren’t sounding that bomb, maybe all of the sudden that gravy and those mashed potatoes. Give me TERRIBLE DIARRHEA! TERRIBLE! We gotta start shaming, We gotta start calling out these people that think they’re untouchable the guys who go oh when anything goes down on YouTube. I’m pulling my ads. Well, you know what? I’M PULLING MY ADS! KFC, you pulled your- I pull MY ads! This- I’m going on official boycott on Colonel Douchebag right now. Get a load of this guy. He doesn’t eat chicken! KFC Why don’t you start making *incoherent* balls *incoherent* ACIQI Whatever that is Thats what he eats Let’s start selling that, start being honest with your advertising Colonel D- Like get a load of this guy! Have you ever seen more of a douche in your life? Trying to sell me chicken Are you serious? And I mean get a load of this DJ setup I wish I could show it to you without being afraid of getting blocked But just Ill show you a screenshot This guy goes out Ultra with Colonel’s head. Colonel Sander’s head and starts talking about… uhh… …Hey everybody, This is Colonel Sanders. Everybody up for some chicken nuggets? I pull my ads. You don’t pull your ads. We’ve got the power. So when all these douchebag companies start coming out here and claiming all our sh*t, guess who has got the power. I PULL MY ADS! Here’s this little Twitter… uh, we announced on Twitter. *The tweet* Then Ultra wanted to get involved and wanted to be the hero. They say… *The tweet* Okay first of all. When companies do this, this is such a bs. You do not need me to follow you to fix it. JUST DROP THE BLOCK! Like what kinda spin is this?! They just want to get you hooked in the DM and butter you up or I don’t know. Try to spin you around. JUST PULL… JUST RELEASE THE BLOCK! I don’t wanna talk to Ultra Music Festival’s social media guy! So he goes… *The tweet* He says… *The tweet* Ok, stop there. I actually know what I’m talking about. Ok. There’s no such thing as Youtube’s system auto-blocking You set the settings. You set everything. You set how much of your original video people used, to block. You set what to happen when you match it. So you clearly had it set. Because this was 2 minutes of a 2-hour episode. You clearly had it set for 1% or less for anything. And you had it set to automatically block. Youtube does not do that without you putting it in the parameters. UNLIKE THE TURNTABLES AND DJS UP THERE WITH THE KNOBS. YOU CANNOT TURN AND SPIN ME! The only thing getting turned is my stomach when I eat KFC’s chicken nuggs because it makes me have diarrhea. That’s the only thing that makes me spin. *The tweet* He says… *The tweet* Bro, you got one option. Well, it’s already too late. That’s the point, really. But what are you… Drop the block. That’s it that all you do! Drop the claim! Why do I need to talk to you?! Trying to spin me, dude. Get the F*ck out of my mentions, B*tch! *Sigh*. The thesis of this if I can draw a conclusion, Is that we YouTubers are under fire, recently. Copyright is such a b*tch everywhere. From Article 13 in Europe and now with these bots. And these companies running amuck in youtube. They think they can do whatever they want. And can get away with everything they want! And we need to remember that, you do not drop ads from youtube. We drop you! So all the gamers who want to raise up with me, type #KFD in the future. Or KFDuchebag, KFDiarrhea. KFD. That’s what I’ll re-dub that. Ultra? more like #Lamela I gotta work on that one admittedly, that wasn’t that good And by the way, KFC, chill out Have a bucket of chicken and relax, dude This viral marketing thing is stupid It’s too much. From douchebag sanders to colonel bobblehead here GIVE IT A REST ITS JUST CHICKEN, MAN *Explosive Ethan Klein Cough* KFD – KF DEEZ NUTS *Slick Outro by Michelle Obama*

100 thoughts on “KFC Blocks Our Video”

  1. Me: Says a word that's part of a song
    UMG:"So guys we did it! We claimed a persons family and vocal chords"

  2. KFC is trash anyways. Their chickens are so unhealthy they can’t even fucking walk ? but of course they will call it quality and lie to you on commercials.

  3. I noticed YouTube puts ads at the end of people's demonetized videos now so they don't have to give them any revenue.
    All you YouTubers that are getting ripped off need to get together and take them to court. It's thief on a massive scale

  4. I think they're advertising worked because I'm never going to eat KFC ever again.
    KFDick nugget grease turd burger with fries no thanks

  5. I fucking love ethan, says start calling out the bourgeoisie while wearing a jew had. You got a traitor in your rows shlomo

  6. The problem is that most of youtube's "content creators" aren't content creators, juts bunch of dumbasses mumbling and jibbering over/about somebody else's actually creative output, and those people have finally had enough of it. The standards really has sunk below anything most would have thought possible, so people need to learn to draw the line, and not think that some random rambling that you would have muttered under your moustache or to your buddy, so basically the kind of stuff that a literal retard could do any minute is actual creative output / meaningful content creation.

  7. im pretty sure the reason drdisrespect had all that explosive kaka at e3 that led to his brief twitch ban was too many colonel nuggets before the show

  8. Kfc still exists ?
    Anyways, they don't want people to know about it haha.

    Have a wonderful day people 🙂
    Greetings with love,

  9. those situations went better for ya than mine did. I tried changing a song n my crappy animation of evil dead and the system wouldnt let me, I tried to fight why they had blocked my video, I used the music in the backdrop and added sound bites from different things that didnt exceed the time. so one company refused the fair use, specially it being parody. They did the same on my tom waits video where I had 5 people with a contant claim so I marked my vid as adult content just to mess with em. ANother dbag filed for a claim on a classical piece from public domain.
    so I deleted some of my videos. I wanted to repost my animations on HD but I gave up. funny still that I removed a recent video and several people used my artwork … ALL OF IT on THEIR creepy pasta videos and didnt credit my friend or me. yet my vids et flagged. I did one with all the paperwork in a tedious and dumb manner and it had low views. I hate how YT is run and rant about it as a trigger. I gave up. I mean my stuff is not good I get it but they really wanted me not to make vids with teh striles… also why do 5 companies file a claim on my 100k low quality video? I cant post it on newgrounds because it wll be blammed andn on deviantart even less since the vids people like have no permit to post. oh well. I hope YT gets their act together. still havent. oh well. :/

  10. You forgot to mention their shady marketing practices (that most businesses are following now-a-days): As their prices have gone up, their portions, customer service, and cleanliness have dropped considerably over the last decade.
    Last time I bought food there (which was more than 5 yrs ago), it was one of their 'meals' that showed a picture of a nice looking full plate of food: couple nice pieces of chicken with mashed taters n gravy , some slaw, and a couple biscuits on the side (in the pic the chicken made up half the plate and the 2 sides the other)… and what I got was almost half a plate of what looked like a mess of food slapped onto the plate that looked disgusting: Two withered pieces of falling apart chicken with no meat, a couple bites of rubbery taters n gravy, a bite of warm slaw, and two cold (but still fluffy) biscuits 'on' the plate (I guess to make it look like more?). After yelling at them for their terrible quality control I was offered another piece of broken chicken with still no meat on it (which she personally picked as their best piece), so I then complained of their poor customer service. I swear, it's almost like the chicken had the meat ripped off of it before it was battered, abused, and fried. Yes, because every piece had a broken bone or few, like it was stepped on, in more ways than one. I have not eaten there since.
    Luckily I can get my Fried Chicken Fix from the deli of my grocery store… for a lot less, and it's much better.

  11. Bro, that's so obviously Marshmello. He has a distinct style that no other DJ matches. Go watch the set. He's wearing the full Marshmello outfit aside from the helmet. They didn't even really try to hide that it was Marshmello. Come on guys. It was probably Marshmello that had Ultra claim it. Naive morons lol

  12. my grandma said she met corenol sanders or something i didnt hear the whole story but she had talked to him, and she was good friends with him it was a long time ago tho i wish i could heard it again

  13. This guy always had a face that bugged me, then I find out he has minor Tourette’s. So I’m thinking it’s entirely plausible I’m seeing something I dislike in myself….

  14. You shuld make a new account and claming you own videos and then you will just get all the ad money

    1000 IQ ????

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