9 thoughts on “Kev & Norliss Crypto Chat – Cryptocurrency Mining, Ethereum & More”

  1. I just have to say, since I am a PC gamer and have alot of knowledge on the topic, that comparing the price of a console to a 2080 or even the 2080 ti isn't a good comparison. Someone who wants to build a PC for the same price or less than a PS4, PS4 pro, Xbox one or an Xbox one X can very easily do that. I've done it nearly a dozen times since it's one of my hobbies, I love to build PC's and so I build mid range gaming rigs and sell them on Craigslist for a small profit and build another. The point is for the same price or less you can build a PC that is on par or better than even the top consoles out and on top of that it's a PC and the PC can for a fact do everything a console can do and more. For example Kev you said you prefer to sit on the couch and play games and that's why you have a console, which is fine I have no prejudice against that, but if relaxing on your couch is important to you while gaming there's nothing stopping you from doing that with a PC hooked up to your TV with a controller. I don't want to come off as an elitist or anything I just don't think it's fair to compare a graphics card that cost $1200 to a 3-$400 console when they aren't even in the same ball park that one card while yes very expensive will wipe the floor and do laps on any console out today. If you were to take something like a RX 580, which is nearly identical in performance to the PS4 pro put it in a cheap system with a cheap CPU, you could definitely get more function and a subjective and also objectively better gaming experience plus the ability to do everything else a PC can do. Or if the person is willing to buy used a r9 290 is comparable to a 580 and can he found for $100 – $150 matched with say a old FX 8350 and boom you got a PC that can play everything at 1080p high to max settings for less than $300. Sorry for the rant lol don't take this as me being angry I'm just trying to share my knowledge on the subject. Love the interview you guys work really well together!

  2. Kev, enjoy watching your live streams, but have to watch them on catchup as keep missing the live events. Do you have set schedules for your streams?

  3. Its funny I have been mining Raven for 4- 5 months and when whattomnine says its the most profitable I get the least amount of coins. As soon as it turns to unprofitable I get more coins. Its kind of funny. I bounce around to self vetted coins with the lowest difficulty and lowest hashrate. I'm not concerned with its profitability at that exact moment on whattomine. What to mine changes up or down 10-20% every few minutes on the small cap coins. If mining the 1billion cap coins then yeah whattomine is god.

  4. In the stock market when the sky is falling is when you make the most money. I'm hoping its the same for crypto. It honestly could be the best time for people to purchase Rigs. You can get an entire rig now for the price of 2 GPUs 9 months ago. And the hardware would possibly hold its value better buying rock bottom. I get more coins mining now than I did when everything was great and people were buying GPUS for crazy prices. I'm looking forward to see if the crypto market reacts the same as the stock market. Nice experiment to watch.

  5. Wrong my 6 z9m are making at least $50 a day sometimes 75. The reason why it’s so low right now is mostly due to the prices of crypto. My 6 mini’s are averaging 92,000 sol/s.

  6. This was great entertainment while I sat at home sick with a cold today. Thanks to both your and Norliss for the great content.

  7. Maybe in the future you can add a timeline in the description when you change topic so we can select what we want to see. If possible off course. Have a good night

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