17 thoughts on “Ken Fisher on how markets react to impeachment talks”

  1. Can't believe this guy; so… you are gonna vote for a Dem candidate cause "politicians don't do what they promise to do and their ideas about tax won't pass the Congress…?"… I'll show you the one who keeps his promises and has made everyone on Wall Street rich: the sitting Prez.

  2. Dems are making a big mistake thinking we have wavered in our support for our President. The outrage will be know in 2020.

  3. no, the Rock should be running for president, not risking being mutilated in wrestling, or is the Rock just the commentator for WWE now????????? Regarding the incoming economic meltdown, expect major bloodshed pan-europe and pan-usa, nobody wants to pay for tech anymore, so things are bleak all round

  4. "once they become president, they never do what they promised to do." a bit of paraphrasing here…. WELL, TRUMP DID…Promises made, Promises kept….so NO SOCIALIST CREEPS IN OFFICE EVER!!!! We need more Trumps!!!!

  5. Trump betrayed the middle class in favor of his class.
    Bernie Sanders will drain the for real. And the proof is that wall street is scared.

  6. The democrats will hear our disgust for them at the ballot box. Trump 2020 he will win it all, congress, senate and white house.

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