Subscribe For More Great videos like this Now let’s begin. Tory is the heroine in Season 2 of Cobra Kai
(portrayed by Peyton List). She has been described as a hard working teen
who is new to the Valley, who speaks her mind and is willing to stand up to anyone who gets
in her way. She is one of the new Cobra Kai students and
is even involved romantically with Miguel Diaz. Tory explained to Miguel Diaz that she grew
up very poor with her family, and her mother was a waitress that struggled to make ends
meet. After work, her mother would often bring leftover
food home from the restaurant so she could always feed her children. One night she was caught red-handed by the
manager and fired for stealing from the job, despite the fact the food would have been
disposed of anyway. This incident shaped her worldview and philosophy
on life; that the world is a cruel and harsh place and one should react by looking out
for one’s self. Tory first appears in season 2 The Moment
of Truth. Tory already had kickboxing experience before
joining Cobra Kai, surprising Miguel (and impressing Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese)
with a skillful take down in a sparring match. She soon becomes friends with Aisha but develops
a rivalry with Samantha LaRusso when the latter accuses her of stealing her mom’s wallet. She and Miguel become a couple. However, after witnessing Miguel and Sam kiss
she decides to punish Sam. On the first day of school she challenges
Sam over the intercom. When the two meet in the hallway she rightfully
spars with Sam. Sam’s boyfriend Robby Keene tries to intervene
and diffuse the fight but Miguel intervenes before he is able to attack Tory attacks Robby
and then a huge school brawl between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate Dojos occur. During the fight she kicks Miguel in the face
because she was angry at him for kissing Sam. She has the upper hand over Sam for most of
the fight, but when Sam starts to get the upper hand, Tory fights more viciously, using
her spiked bracelet as a knuckle duster. She injures Sam’s wrist with the bracelet,
but is ultimately beaten by her. When Robby kicks Miguel off the railing Tory
screams “Miguel” out of horror. After Miguel falls on the ground and is lying
unconscious Tory and Hawk go to Miguel. Later she is seen with Hawk, Raymond and other
students training at the dojo with Kreese as Johnny confronts Kreese telling him that
she, Hawk, Raymond and others are now his students and that he owns the dojo now. It is evident that Tory along with the others
blame Johnny for Miguel’s injury and have betrayed him as a result. And There you have it. Are You Team Tory or Team Sam? Check out our “Samantha is the real villain
of Cobra Kai video”, to learn even more about the rivarly between these two. Like Share and subscribe for more great videos
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  1. If you look closely when Tory kicks Miguel, she didn’t know it was actually him because she was gonna go after him after she kicked him until she realizes it was Miguel then she stops

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