6 thoughts on “Karatbit Crypto Exchange Tutorial For KBC Coin & Cashgold”

  1. Karatbit is horrible, not only do they inflate the prices they have
    withdraw problems, it just happen to me. I have a pending withdraw of
    KBC tokens for 3 days now, making me loose excellent opportunities for
    trading. You cant to buy KBC this exchange is way better.

  2. Здравствуйте! У меня пропали все монеты в офисе. Я отменила заказ, выставивший на продажу 0.00000478. После этого выставила ордер на продажу 0.00000455 Появилось окно, где было написано Что-то пошло не так. Я отправляю на экран http://prntscr.com/m3rrh4 Монеты до сих пор не появились на балансе. Ребята, прежде чем заходить на эту биржу подумайте стоит ли Вам с ней связываться. У меня были небольшие вложения и то не вернуть никак.

  3. I have followed these instructions for USD withdrawal. Account went from Pending to complete, but have not see the USD in my bank account. Have attempted over 12 withdrawals. All in same status. Have attempted to contact support, with no resolution. Many of us have stopped using the exchange until we receive our withdrawals, or information that will help us track transaction and expidite process!!! Who for Karat should we contact? Highly concerned for this and any future transactions!!!!!!!!! Brian – [email protected]

  4. It,s to long and not understandable. Why would a person go true such a long proces of cashgold and univals… if you can just send btc. If i bu cashgold and than univals and than usd do i get comission or is it cheaper or why go the way you explained. Thanks for answer

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