Karatbars Gold & Cryptocurrency – “The Red Shirt Video”

Alright, good afternoon,
ladies and gentleman This is Mike Dalcoe,
the CEO Continuously Empowering Others
Basically, this is Breaking News This is a press relese
This is a news flash So please pay attention
to what I’m about to share with you
concerning Karatbars International. I I’m also streaming live on Facebook
So if you see me refer to some people while I’m talking
you won’t see the stream but they are actually
chatting with me on facebook live And I may actually answer
some questions live if something comes up. I entitled this stream
He’s Done It Again The he that I’m talking about
is the Founder and CEO of Karatbars International
and Karatbank located in Singapore. is Mr. Harald Seiz,
Harald Constatine Seiz is a genious and he’s done it again.
Well what is the “it” that he has done Let me talk to you about
the market place that we are representing Karatbars International
and then I’ll mention briefly what we’re doing with Karatbank
and with our new ICO with our as we are unofficially
calling it right now our “Karatcoin”. we don’t have an official name.
the ICO , the pre ICO scheduled to start in a few days here.
and um today’s date is January 24th, 2018 at the time of this recording, so we can time stamp it, so you know
how current the information is. In 2013 I got a call
from a friend of mine sharing Karatbars with me.
and uh.. .he said Mike you need to get in. and when he said it
I want to show you my evolution here.
it might be equivalent to some of you guys evolution
as well. when he said it he said “Karatbars”
and I said “Karatbars???” I know my friend, he was a network marketer,
I love network marketing and when he said karat
I instantly thought it was a nutritional company.
I know, don’t laugh at me too hard I didn’t know what i didn’t know
so basically, I just, blew it off I said Karatbars,
it’s a nutritional company dealing with carots,
carrots in a bar that makes you healthy.
I know, I know, its funny. ya’ll are laughing at me
but it is what it is, right? I didn’t know what I didn’t know
and he said no Mike, I wasn’t going to look
if it was nutritional I wasn’t going to look at it
no matter how I care about Nate no matter how much me
to help me, to see my way through. to understand network marketing
as a viable way to make money I wasn’t interested
if it was nutritional been there done that
been in the juice company the juice tasted nasty
it didn’t have all the health benefits
that they claimed it to have didn’t want to do it.
He said “no Mike, it’s not carrot c-a-r-r-o-t-t.
It’s Karat with a K. k-a-r-a-t
karat like how many like 24 karat
like gold” I said “gold”
Hold up man GOLD!
He said “bro” gold in small transaction friendly
increments, in grams. I don’t know about you. But, I never heard of gold in grams, when you say “gold” to me, I either think of jewelry
or those big jewlery bars that you see on western movies
you know or in King Arthur’s court
and they have bags of gold coins I didn’t understand
gold as money this, uh call me ignorant
I was a 15 year mortgage banker I was only
I only taught what I knew and all I knew was mortgages
and getting stocks and bonds and if you got gold
you got paper gold but it wasn’t the real gold
you just got gold stock I didn’t know anything about
physical gold definitely didn’t know
anything about gold by the gram. a gram of gold?
and I certainly didn’t know what that card what was for.
I was as ignorant as a box of rocks. not a shame to say it.
Here I am four years later I’m still not a gold expert
but I know more now than I knew then and had I known then, what I know now
I would have gotten a lot more gold. okay. so I started in Karatbars.
Now, I wanted gold all my life. I’m probably different than most people.
I actually wanted the gold I didn’t get in Karatbars
to make money only. That wasn’t my main reason
I’m fifty, I’m 53 years old now I was 49 at the time
and I knew I was getting older. I had passed the years that I was
indestructible and invincible I knew that at some point
I’m going to die and I need to leave
my family a legacy. like the legacy
that was not left to me. I need to leave a legacy.
So I knew gold was a perfect way to hedge against inflation,
expand your wealth and store your labor
I knew that much. okay and Quenna Milam
who is on the stream who is one of my golden sisters
that I just had a chance to really get to know
this weekend Quenna you’re amazing
can’t wait to see you again. love you
we’re of like minds and so Quenna says
I’m like you Michael I didn’t know about gold
Hey it’s so interesting that when I talk to people
and share Karatbars with them how smart they get
all of a sudden once I tell them gold
then they start googling it and all of the sudden
they’re the, they’re the geniuses
and they everything there is about gold
asking me questions that they never even thought
about before I said “Karatbars” and that’s okay.
I have peace with you, because I didn’t know either.
And so I got in to get gold in small increments and I immediately
to start saving as much gold as I could wrap my little pea brain around
I started getting a gram here, and a gram here, a gram here
and then Karatbars came up with auto exchange.
so I set myself up on auto exchange But I still didn’t truly understand it.
And I was still trying to make money. in a 103 days
I was making enough cash to replace my full time income.
So I haven’t a worked a job I left Wells Fargo
March 3rd of 2014 I have not worked a job since.
Because of the cash that I earned
but I still hadn’t fully wrap my head around the gold
until one day I started counting up my gold
and I said ooo I need to get this outta my house
I was ready to move my gold to a safer location
to preserve my wealth because I had accidently
become more wealthy with Karatbars
when I was trying to do on purpose before Karatbars
literally I got richer by accident
being a member of Karatbars when I was trying
to save cash on purpose before Karatbars.
Now that’ll teach. You need to understand
what I just said you need to
take a minute to absorb that maybe I need to
say it a little bit better because I got into a system
of saving my money in a asset rather than put it in the bank
I got richer by accident with Karatbars.
than when I was trying to save on purpose before Karatbars
It is an amazing wealth building machine.
and here’s a gold nugget when you get in Karatbars
you don’t just have a business you have acquired a
global network gold asset let me say that better
that wasn’t clear when you get a Karatbars account
you didn’t just get yourself some little network marketing business
You cannot equate this with any, there’s nothing wrong with network marketing
I’m not trashing it, please hear me because I’m getting a little amped up
let me I got a note right here that says
“Dial It Back” let me dial it back
let me calm down so I don’t blow you out
I’m not, I’m not critizing any other network business
network marketing is the abosolute best way
to build wealth in the world. it is the number one best ticket
into the free enterprise system to little to no stress you had
from a traditional business. It’s the best way to do it.
so if you’re in a network marketing company I’m on your team
I love you and I and we are like minded
All I’m saying is Karatbars can’t be
put in a basket with any of those It’s a total different animal
It is an asset 100% asset
from the time you get your business package
from the moment you get your business package,
with all your brochures and literature
to operate your business you have a business
a global business in a box
that cannot be equated with any other
networking business ever why?
because the only activity that we have
is saving an asset and referring a network
of people who save an asset so your entire network
is a golden asset there’s no flop in it
no lotions, potions, pills things that are
good commodities but that don’t have
any reall intrinstic value Our product and everyone
product in our network’s product is that right there.
It’s physicial it’s tangible gold
with Karatbars stamp in the back of the gold
we had our own production que
for those of you who are getting smart about googling
go google what it means to have your own stamp on the gold
You, look, people say I can get gold anywhere.
Yes, that’s true. But you can’t get
Karatbars anywhere but Karatbars and the more you learn
about Karatbars and the more I’m going
to say about Karatbars on this big stream
You don’t want to get gold from anywhere but Karatbars.
Now I told you that in the past. and people they whiffed on it
they waffled on it and they gave me all this argument about it
and I’m saying I have been hanging around
Harald Seiz for the last four years I know what I’m talking about
this is the place you want to get your gold from
and it cannot be more evident than today. Let me get to the meaning of my conversation. so Harald Seiz
understood that 99.1 or 2% of people on the planet
don’t have any gold at all. none – no gold
especially not gold as money. Only less than 1% of the people
in the world own phyisical gold as an asset
They might have a necklas or a ring, or watch
but only 1% of the people in the world have gold as an asset
a phyisical asset and I’m a part of that 1%.
Harald Seiz’s mission is to make gold affordable
to the masses at a price point
everyone can afford and allow the mass
of honest people to find freedom from
the current system of paper debt.
And he is doing it he created a system whereby
you can set up a free gold savings account
and systematically on autopilot
start acquiring gold in small transactional friendly
affordable increments and that way
building your wealth with a tangible asset – gold.
Now If I just said to people start saving gold
they probably wouldn’t do it How do you know?
By these statistics 99.7% of the people don’t have it
less than 1% do so no matter how much we know
gold is a valuable asset most people still won’t get it
Why? because it’s just gold
shiny pretty metal we know it’s valuable but
it doesn’t do anything. It just sits here on my desk
it doesn’t jump around It’s stable
the price doesn’t go up and down like a crypto currency
and not exciting it’s not sexy
it’s just sitting here and year after year
it doesn’t go 50% a year
it goes 12%, 18%, 20% 9%, 7%, 20%
30% it’s not sexy
it’s not sexy like cryptocurrency it’s just, it;s just
plain, boring I mean if you had $100,000 in
gold in 1970s, today it be worth
4 million dollars, but who’s counting? It’s not sexy right?
and so people, they don’t break the door down to get it.
so Harald Seiz in his financial brilliance
in his financial genius says I’ll tell you what
I will pay you if you refer them
to just get a little bit of gold. I’ll pay you.
and I’ll pay you to infinite generations
of referrals I wont even put in any levels
and to sweeten the pot I’ll give you a software system
that tracks you global organization to infinity
And I’ll pay you handsomely just to refer other people
to start saving gold How bout that
and people go wait a minute,
like a did you mean to tell me
that you are going to pay me cash to refer people
to save gold Yes. I will
Not only am I going to pay you I’m going to pay you
on your own global Master Card with the Karatbars logo on it
I’m going to pay you on your own Master Card
Now this Master Card is expired I still cover up the numbers
because I don’t even want to tempt you.
I just keep it as a souviner to show you the credibility
of Karatbars International and I say,
I’m going to get a Master Card an international Master Card
that pays me in euros go look at how euros
is going over the dollar I got a raise today
because of euros got more value against the dollar
your going to pay me in euros to save gold
that went over $1,350 today I’m saving in gold
that’s going up in value getting paid in euros
that’s going up in value on a Master Card
that I can use internationally just to tell other
people to do the same. Yes. And then I can acquire
a business package that’s tax deductible
that allows me to write off business expenses
and protect against my biggest liablity
which is taxes just by having a homebased
Karatbars business growing a golden network
saving gold. Yes
Now, because of that financial brilliance
I’m amassing this asset because I was chasing dollars,
let me say that again I’m getting richer
because I’m amassing an asset
like a rich person would rich people store assets
not cash I’m amassing an asset
which is making me richer because the asset that
I’m amassing is going up in value increasing
my net worth by accident and then I’m referring
other people that’s increasing my cash flow
by incorporating the efforts of others
they’re getting richer by amassing an asset
which makes me richer which makes them even
richer and its this omi wheel of wealth
Harald tricked me Senator Harald Seiz tricked me
into getting rich that’s what he did, because
he put me, chasing paper like I was already doing and
now I’m getting gold, for free. Through the referral.
Loyalty bonus pays me in free gold, gives me free gold I get paid. Here’s something else he did When he pays me on my Master Card, if he paid me all in cash somebody tell me what I would do?
I would like to think that i’m more financially advanced than that
but I’m not. If he paid me all in cash
I would spend it because you know what happens
when you put that paper in your pocket
it’s a fire started it’s a fire in your pocket
and you burn through it If he paid me all cash
I would swipe this card until it was empty
I would try to save some of it but I probably like an idiot,
save it in paper. so what he does
everytime I earn 200 euro he pays me one gram of gold
in my commissions and stores it for free for me,
internationally, in my free gold saving account
and so in my account right now I’ve got ounces of gold
I don’t even know to this moment I don’t know how much I have
Let me tell you a quick story. Ty Best told me this story
about, and I need to go grab something, real quick stand by,
don’t go anywhere I’ve go to show you guys something.
(chair squeaks – footsteps coming back) Okay, so I’m back,
let me plug this phone up real quick okay and I want to show
you guys something Now,
before I got in Karatbars I worked hard
I was a mortgage banker and I worked really hard
I worked super hard and folks, this is not a boast
I’m not trying to impress you I’m trying to press upon you something
today is, I don’t even know what day it is because I’ve been retired for four years,
today is Wednesday it was no chance
that I would just reach in my pocket and grab some cash
that would have never happened. This is called petty cash.
It’s so petty It’s petty cash
I would have never been able to reach in my wallet,
I mean my pocket and pull out petty cash
on a Wednesday it would have never happened.
This is why I put petty cash in my pocket,
It’s because, I have a wife when we go out
I put a certain amount of cash in my pocket to spend
It’s a medium of exchange I earned this
from referring other people to save gold
and they’re amassing this and so am I
so I don’t have to worry that I’m being irrational
with my cash becasue I’m saving first
Harald Seiz did that to me He litterally
by way of making me want to earn cash
put me in the mindset of saving first
Save first before you invest
save first now
here we go so the first thing is
he got me to get gold trying to earn cash
so he put me in the gold market because I wanted to earn cash.
the first little trick he played on me and then he’s got a new trick
what is the hottest thing going on? You can’t click on the internet
without seeing bitcoin ethereum, litecoin, whipple
cryptocurrency and Harald,
he loves people so much he saw people,
watch this now don’t get mad at me
just hear me he saw people chasing
cryptocurrency and loosing their first love
which should be gold he saw them chasing
the windfall and you should position
yourself for a windfall its cashflow, savings,
that builds your networth investing, incorporating
the help of others and you keep going
the complete money system so we’re saving gold
and then people saw this investment vehicle
called crypto currency and they stopped saving
Now how do I know this? I’ve got people on my team
I’ve been berated I’ve been beat up
for making these statements they said things like
Your not a good leader if you don’t tell people
about cryptocurrency and I’m saying
man I’m trying to get people to save first.
You know this cryptocurrency is a powerful and
very volatile investment in…uh..
it’s a very powerful and volatile investment..asset.
that’s what I’ve got to call it. a product
it’s a very volatile powerful and volatile investment product
You can make a lot of money with it
and you can loose a lot of money with it
It’s a double-edged sword so I didn’t feel comfortable
on trying to educate people on something that I didn’t know.
I know this This goes up at least
more than 3% a year this is going to outpace inflation
it always has and it always will
it’s always equal to or greater than the value
it takes to extract if from the ground. okay… so
I knew that, so I’m gunhoe on this
I had coinbased wallet and I have a little bitcoin
with a little like etheryum
but I wasn’t preaching it because….. I’m not going..
to advise you to take a risk and I’m not a financial advisor.
I’m not a, I’m not a tax advisor
I’m not a advise you to invest
I’m not an investment advisor So talk about me all you want to
I’m not going to encourage people to find out something
that everytime you log onto the internet its right there in your face
I’m not going to tell you you tell yourself
It’s right there You can read
I mean they were coming to me “saying why you not telling
people about crypto currency?” Because I’m not an investment advisor I’m telling people about what I know
save, you don’t have to be an investment guru to tell
people to save So I was telling them to save.
Now I had some crypto currency but I wasn’t preaching it
Well that’s hypocritical Mike why would you have something
you wouldn’t… so that ridiculous
So here’s what Harald Seiz did He saw the space
and people moving in that direction and people getting hammered.
Like right now go look at your coinbase wallet
and tell me your’e not getting hammered. The people got in ethereum at $900
and it went to $1300 it’s right back at $900
People got in ripple at $2.00 and it went to $254
and now it’s at $1.37 You’re getting hammered.
Well I don’t say take off and run away.
You, look, listen investing comes with it
the risk of loss If you can’t afford to loose
don’t invest that’s rule
I don’t have to be an investment guru
to tell you that. don’t invest your mortgage money.
okay. Invest your disposable income
because it can be disposed of. That’s simple
That’s that’s Economics 101 Right, So.
what did Harald do, Harald Seiz, Senator Harald Seiz said
I see the crypto space and I see how powerful it is.
Let me make it available for my network
but let me take the risk out of it.
What? Yeah,
let me take the risk out of it So, how do you get
the Karatcoin? How do you have the power
of the investment of the Karatcoin
without the risk? You move your cash
into CASHGOLD let me get a gram of cashgold
here in my hand here we go
This is cashgold this beautiful
one of a kind product that only you can get
from only from Karatbars CASHGOLD
and it says Karatpay here and in this mag strip
it says Karatbank and this is our
Karatbank product Cashgold and notice that it’s 6 tenths
of a gram you see the 6 one tenth
of a gram gold little bars
and here’s 4 tenths of a gram 4 tenths plus 6 tenths
equals one gram that’s ten tenths
that’s one whole gram that’s one gram
After February 1st or thereabout
that’s the projected start date When you get one gram
of cashgold you also get 200 Karatcoin.
You get a cryptocurrency for free!
Just by acquiring a tangible stable asset
a hard asset. You get the coin for free
so this will represent right here this will represent (phone rings)
I apologize folks people blowing my phone up
every since this announcement This will represent now
200 more Karatcoin so let me hold this up
so you know it’s not a magic trick
here’s another 6 tenths and another 4 tenths
that two, that’s 400 Karatcoin Let’s do that trick again.
6…and 4 that’s 600 Karatcoin
Let’s see if I can do another trick
that’s 4 and heres 2 that’s 6, 8, 10
That’s 600 Karatcoin Alright now (laughs) here’s another, 6
1…2…3…4 okay great
I’ve got 4 grams Wow! I didn’t even know that
I apologize I’ve got 4 grams
of cashgold right here That would be 800 Karatcoin
Now look’ the price didn’t go up
on this to get the coin Literally, I keep doing
what I been doing Stacking cashgold
Now the only difference starting February 1st
i’m going to get 200 karat cash, coin per gram
so that would be 800 Karatcoin, right
yeah, What do the Karatcoin do?
well it does what cryptocurrency does It can go up or down
based on how the market views the coin.
Let’s say the market says “that coin is crap”
it ain’t worth nothing and that Karatcoin goes to zero
Well how much did it cost me to get it?
Somebody tell me. I’ll wait, I’ll wait
this is exciting If 800 Karat cash Karatcoin
that I get for free by saving my money in
this physical tangible asset goes to zero
how much did it cost me to get it?
How much did it cost me to get it?
Exactly Sharon! Zero!
It cost me nothing to get it
so if it goes to zero I can’t loose!
The risk is gone! Now here’s my next question,
Since ya’ll math wizards got that one so quick.
If my 800 Karatcoin goes, acts like a
cryptocurrency has been acting over the last 12 months
Hey, etheryum went to $1000 in that 12 month period.
let’s just get it let’s say it goes to $100
it’s speculating hey, all we’re doing
is spectulating, right We’re just spectulating
so what if my 800 Karatcoin that I got for free
thru saving real phyiscial tangible gold
what if it went to $100? 800 x 100.
I see a number I’m going to wait on you.
I’ll wait, I’ll wait Somebody tell me
what 800 Karatcoin would be worth
if the 800 I got for free if I got for free
what would that 800 be worth if it went to $100?
That’s right Sharon it would be worth
$80,000 let me help you
I saved a gram of this let’s just say it cost $100
for easy math Every gram was a 100 euro
I saved 400 euro in tangible phyisical gold
Thats going up in value but I got 800 Karatcoin
that’s going up in value to $100
I’ve got $80,000 for saving 400 euro
I save 400 euro and made $80,000
That’s what Harald Seiz just did.
He took all the risk out of the investment
of a Karatcoin which is an unofficial name
keeping my disclaimer out there He put, he gave me
the potential to earn 80,000 euro, $80,000, 80,000 euro
it doesn’t matter, it’s a slight difference
with no risk all I had to do was save
Once again he’s forcing me to save gold
in order to get into the sexy crypto market
See human beings, we think so shallow
let me get the cryptocurrency oo oo
so I can get a windfall That’s right
go ahead so Harald loves you so much
he wants to let you do he wants you to get t
the cryptocurrency only by saving gold
He understands that the real wealth is this.
It’s not the cryptocurrency The real wealth is the gold.
The gold is going to stay stable why you play the crypto currency
volaltility game and when you cash out of the market
hopefully you will have learned a few things and go get more gold
but guess what happens when you get more gold
Guys check this out Whewwwww!
Let’s say you have made a bunch of money in bitcoin
and let’s say you want to take $50,000 bitcoin
and you go get some cashgold so you take your $50,000
in bitcoin let’s say that’s $100 a gram
and so I take $50,000 and I divide it by $100
and see how many grams That will be 500 grams
of cashgold well That’s awesome
I just stabilized the volatility of my bitcoin
with physical gold. Well that’s beautiful
(phone rings) I told you my phone’s
ringing…I’m sorry I apologize for that.
I, let me turn my ringer off that’s irritating.
let me turn my ringer off real quick.
alright So I just stabilized
my bitcoin with gold physical gold
like I’m holding in my hand. I stabilized my bitcoin
volatility, some of it even with physical gold
while I was trying to stabilize it
because I got 500 grams of this cashgold
it gave me 200 Karatcoin per gram of cashgold
so what is that somebody? 500 x 200
That’s 100,000 Karatcoin Plus I have 500 grams
of cashgold I still retained
my $50,000 I brought over from Bitcoin into cashgold
I retained that wealth in gold and stabilized
the volatility and while I’m trying
to move it from bitcoin it moved it into karatcoin
and now I have 100,000 Karatcoins and let’s say it goes to a $1 Let’s say it goes to $1.00
I moved my $50,000 of bitcoin stabilized it and kept it
in gold so I still have my 50,000
I was given 100,000 Karatcoin that went to a $1
I moved 50,000 to get a 100,000 and kept the 50,000. Yes Joshua
you need to talk to Tannisha You really do.
That simply went to a $1 What if it went to $10?
that’s a million It’s all speculative
I’m not promising you This is not, you know
inducement The cryptocurrency
market is volatile All speculative
Now because of the brillance of Harald Seiz
I can speculate what the coin might do.
It might go to zero If it goes to zero
I lost zero because I got it
for zero again, it goes back to
the brilliance of Harald Seiz He wants to put gold
in everybody’s hand because in 2008
when he started telling people to get gold
and some people didn’t they lost everything
people like me who had all my wealth
tied up in real estate. My real estate
that I had for 500,000 went down to 200,000
I went negative. Gold went up tremendoulsy
I would have gotten richer during that collapse
That’s why people like Donald Trump
and Robert Kiyiosaki they hope for a collapse.
They want it to collapse. Because they are rich
in hard assets and when there’s a collapse
if you are holding the right asset
it’s not a recession it’s a wealth transfer. So big things poppin
in Karatbars International Get back with the person
that shared this phenomenal opportunity with you.
Tell them you need more information
on how to acquire this Karatcoin.
The only way to get it is you’ve got to be
a Karatbars affiliate and you’ve got to save gold.
Or make a lot of money by achieving a certain
rank of Gold Director and that gives you coin
Or getting one of our business packages
because after February 1st you get coins with those
packages or the Premium Professional
if you’ve already got a package
you get a bunch of coins with the premium
and a bunch more with the Premium Professional.
It’s a money system It’s a money system
I don’t even want to get off this stream
I’m so excited but I need to
so get back with the person
that shared Karatbars International with you
You may see this on Youtube get back with the person
who shared the youtube clip with you
If nobody else shared it with you
please I’d be honored if
you’d be a part of my team as well.
But don’t bypass somebody that shared
it with you to come to me that lacks ethics
in the universal sphere and its all energy
and the universe will pay you back what you sow.
So sow good seed Get back with the person
that shared this with you. let them get together with you
let them teach you. if they don’t know the answer
they know how to reach me We’ll get your questions answered. Love you guys, have a great day
We’ll see you on the next stream

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