Karat Gold Coin :The First Gold Backed Cryptocurrency!

welcome everybody to the crypto mining channel featuring your favorite crypto warrior all the way from Brussels always bringing you my latest mining results now I'm bringing you a very very interesting ICO karat gold coin the first crypto currency backed by gold backed by gold guys so this is huge the company exists since 2011 is very known it's a German company they have released 7 billion coins to the public where 3 billion are already taken so four billion left if you want the coin I suggest you act fast because it's possible that this one could go to the moon I was introduced by some people that I trust also some influential people that know how the game works and I know if they invest in coin then I should too because the coin has a lot of potential but the coin is backed by gold guys so I'm not gonna go over it it's already listed as a working product gold of course in 120 countries half a million customers the total investment 120 million euros that's a lot of dollars so if you want to register all the links are in the description the registration process is a bit difficult but I'll lay it out I will only explain it all to you in the video description so I mean gold who doesn't love gold I mean take a look at the website link is in the description more than half a million customers from more than 120 countries have already bought smallest gold bars from the karatbars company which is located in Stuttgart Germany so I mean it's an own company now they introduced a coin that is backed by gold I mean bank independence a very important cost efficient of course predictable value and crisis proof so I mean imagine if they will be listed on an exchange like balance I mean the value will explode explode maximum coins for sale 7.2 billion so take a look at the site I have invested in it so this is their regular web site where you can buy the bars the gold bars etc you have to register first on this website and then you have to register on another website which I will tell you in a minute so this is the white paper the first the world's first and only cryptocurrency with real gold coverage the KBC has been the first currency ever to revive the Millennial long proven principle covering a monetary system with gold so this coin is much better than the dollar because the dollar isn't backed anymore by gold what does it mean it's just a piece of paper it's just a piece of paper we descriptive currency you have your value in gold of course it could fluctuate nobody knows III don't know nobody knows how much the coin how much the coin value will be but that it that is pretty cool because the the coin is new and I think it has a huge potential so they are reviving the millennia-long proven principle of covering monetary system with gold so this is great this is amazing I'm not gonna you know because it's a lot to read it's represented by real Bank branch in Miami were saying fortunately USA residents aren't able to buy the coin but they are still able to get the coin I will explain to you in a minute so Lala a lot of information it's a blockchain based cryptocurrency linked to physical to physically deposited gold in the form of the so called cash gold a true gold standard certain number of KB sees the karat coin can be exchanged for the corresponding amount of cash gold at any time so the people who love gold this is the ideal cryptocurrency now I'm going to explain to you the the white paper goes on and on and on you can read it for yourself I don't have to read it for you now I'm gonna show you a way for American customers American Americans who want to buy the coin but aren't able to buy the coin now I'm gonna explain to you how they can get the coin or for people who don't want to invest any money but want this coin I will explain to you I'll put the link in the description of the affiliate program so they have an affiliate program if you share your fur link and you have referrals and you buy the coin on your first level you get 7% if they introduce other people with their link to this amazing coin you will get 5% they will get 7% etc your first line 7 second line 5% then 3 2 and 1 so this can be very lucrative to people who want to share their referral link for me it's very important when you invest in something that it's not a scam that it has value potential value and that you see that you see the coin and the company that they are still there in five years in ten years I think this car this company is already here for many many years for seven years I think with this coin they hit the jackpot a coin backed by gold they lead the way possibly more coins like this will come but they are the first so I think they have a great potential so minimum investment is a thousand coins but it's not a lot it will cost you about eighty dollars I'll show you I bought also a little bit of coins login so I paid point zero one bitcoins and I get a thousand ninety two tokens so I mean it's really cheap currently it's at eight cents eight cents so very very cheap I'll put this video in the description very interesting video to watch gold mine worth 900 million gives security I mean wow this could go to the moon I should buy more but we're in a bear market currently so I'm buying other coins as well probably I'll buy some new coins some new tokens as well carat gold coins because who knows who knows where what the price could possibly be in a few months this is this is very very new I mean backed by gold I love gold I love cryptocurrencies so this for me is ideal and I think for many people it is also ideal so guys let me know what you think about this coin I put my referral link in the description so I can make maybe some few extra karat gold coins as you get the opportunity to do the same to share your referral link then you have to register as an affiliate of course but I'll put all the information in the description I wanted to share this very interesting ico with you as you guys know i only share i ce o–'s where i believe in and where i also invest in so let's see what what the coin value will be in the future this is not financial advice you do whatever you want with your money i want to multiply my money by by 10 by 20 by a hundred is very difficult with existing coins this is still a very new coin I cos it's much easier for an ICO to go times 100 then for example Bitcoin or aetherium to go times 100 of course in the beginning in the beginning you have possible big multipliers but with Bitcoin etc and with existing coins it's not as easy anymore as new coin so I firmly believe in this coin so let's see in one year in two years don't spend money that you can't miss point zero one bit coins of course I can miss this a mining bitcoins on a daily basis so I have some bitcoins to spend and possibly will buy some more carat gold coin so guys let me know what you think about this coin did you know about the coin before we watch this video let me know in the description if you have any questions as them in the comments below don't forget to read the description of course drop me a like if you like this video if you like me sharing interesting icos with you guys and of course subscribe for more interesting information and also how to make money how to build a passive income with cryptocurrency so then if you want that make sure to subscribe to the crypto mining channel so this was it for today guys hope you enjoyed it I'll see you next time on the crypto mining channel bye bye

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  1. Register on https://www.karatgold.sg/?s=cryptomining for a free account on karatbars | Don’t forget to like & subscribe ❤

  2. The 1st backed Cryptocurrency by physical gold was E- Gold in 1995 please look it up.
    There are 5 other companies right now that have their crypto currencies backed by physical gold and some physical gold and silver.
    By the way nice video.

  3. What means it can go to the moon…? Do you think it can be to 120$ or maybe only to 1$ or 0.03$
    It has a potential to be the next Bitcoin? It can reach 18000$
    Can you explain me what you mean with it has the potential to go to the moon…

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  5. This guy acts like gold is that much better than the dollar. Both are only valuable because we all believe in that social fiction.

    Also… Nigga, that sounds like a downline. In a pyramid scheme.

  6. SCAM! Firs they had kb edelmetal. Many people lost all gold deposit 5 years ago, when kb edelmetal declared bankrupcy.

    Now they have karatbars. They have first ico kbc, now they have kcb ico in proces. Many people will lose all money.

    When they see money they wont stop.
    Piramide and scam!

  7. Good video, I've been a Karatbars affiliate for 2/3 years now, and the only reason I joined back then was to be able to buy physical gold in affordable amounts with no storage fees if I didn't take delivery. Since then the company has grown impressively, and the KBC is the jewel in the crown so far (ICO has ended) It's a fantastic effort to address the dollar/fiat currency, inflationary tax scam, debt based slavery system – as all crytocurrencies are, but I'm proud to be part of this company and own a crypto currency that is convertible into gold, fiat and other cryptos etc.. Real money for the future. I agree with you about the potential. After audit PWC valued each KBC coin at $1.32! http://www.thismightbeofinterest.com/jasejones1 For more info.

  8. Hey CM, have you heard the latest news about the KaratCoin Bank? We are about to commission the creation of 1 million 'cashgold' ATMs, and start spreading gold banking around the world. As far as i know, karatcoin bank is the first fully licensed crypto bank.
    Check out the videos on my channel for the latets updates 😉

  9. Gold backed cryptos are a great concept
    The question I have to ask us, who stores the Gold?
    The problem with speculations that are gold backed is the 3rd party risk factor.
    I prefer to buy my own gold and have complete possession of it?.

  10. Hello everyone! Yes! that is Karatbars and I am in for some time now. But since I was not that active since I joined due to personal issues I have been behind but now I am to run faster to catch up. Just one thing is that it is not that easy to be able to buy the new coins. Due to the difficulty and so much of the exchanging ways that there is with the system. I have not been able yet to get the coins that I have wanted to for a couple of months now. and if you have just something different on your account that is not equal to your address or whatever, then you are stuck already. I am not that happy about that situation which is letting me behind when I am able to acquire coins, but it is really frustrating when all this just holds me up! Sorry but I have to say that, that is the way one feels when this happens!

  11. Next time you should by CashGold using your Bitcoin, then use the CashGold to purchase your KGC, helps to generate valume and you get gift coins with the purchase of CashGold. More Bang for your Buck….

  12. Don't forget to enter your ethereum wallet address lol i noticed you hadn't done that in your video yet. It's best to do this before you make a purchase, i think. Also, make sure your chosen wallet is ERC20 token compatible, KaratGold recommends using MEW (MyEtherWallet) so that is what i have used.

  13. Love yur videos but iys not the first crypto gold coin is backed by 24k gold.however i will use yur link to sign up for this?

  14. Awesome video and review. However minor correction – the KaratBank-Affiliate.io programme was only valid during the ICO. It has been discontinued since ICO close on Apr 22nd.
    Of course it is not often we can get a crypto at launch as we have now, furthermore with the amount of systems, infrastructure and backing that this has that has already received a respected audited value that shows potential to grow significantly, according to the whitepaper.

  15. I think they should of made it mandatory to buy the tokens to buy gold making it more demanding…just my opinion.

  16. The ICO has ended. They are listed on the exchanges now. I'm a long time affiliate with Karatbars and i've been impressed with this company ever since i joined, but i never ever expected their vision to be so expansive and innovative, and for them to tackle the crypto world by storm. – It's very exciting times. If anyone wants more information about the coin or the company, please check out the videos on my channel.

  17. I'm so pumped about this cryptocurrency, I can't sleep. I have invested in bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash. All of which have been a speculative investment with lots of ups and down. But the KaratGold Coin is different for me because it's low risk. As an affiliate of Karatbars International earning commissions, I can basically use that commissions to navigate through the KaratGold Eco System. Brilliant.

  18. i register and i order some coins as well , so there is no affiliate link for ico., i made both account with these site,

    1.Register your account on https://www.karatbars.com/?s=cryptomi...
    2. Go to https://ico.karatgold.io and register there as well with the same email. Add your ethereum adress and buy minimum 1000 tokens

  19. The project a good idea but they fucked up on the token economics, way too many coins and it would be very hard for the coin to moon unless they are going to have a future buy back programme or they might be banking on the price of eth to exponentially increase therefore inturn increasing the value of their token which is ok but it might take a while until we see a sustained up trend in the market. What I want to know how many kbc tokens would you have to trade in for one cashgold?

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