Kantor ESCX Grand Opening ( PT. Edukasi Digital Aset indonesia )

The process of flying ballons as an ambition of PT.Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia we are on opening of our Building (PT.Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia I am the president director and there are our team here our team here,let me introduce here is our advisor Alifandi Bagas and he is CEO& Founder of HAVY.IO here are some words from Alif keep going ESCX! now,our senior develepor whose name is Ihksan He is developer who made some applications of ESCX and he is the most influencer in ESCX he is one of the ESCX initiator say some words may ESCX evolves and can be the good project next here is our young team,his name is Rizki satrio he is designer of ESCX who made these big designer that is all from Him (Included ESCX symbol) say some words may ESCX can be more sucess on of our core team .Co-Founder Engkus he is a youtuber too CEO of ETRX.Say some words for ESCX may ESCX always be sucess and have no trouble Next,he is my partner and also my senior he is a principal of SMK Mutiara Husada 2 and here he is advisor in ESCX say some words for ESCX sir sucess for ESCX may be the new strong Crypto amiin next,he is our founder and commissioner of PT. Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia he came from North Sumatra say some words for ESCX may ESCX always be glorious we all came from the far places now,here are our team too our team ESCX project team start from admin app and many more this is the office of ESCX in Indonesia we will continue to the next rundown flying the balloons take the balloon flying the balloon we all hold these for the symbolic that ESCX will always be the best always be the best these balloon symbolize some philosophys this day is 28 sep 2019 as same as the quantity of balloon nine and nineteen may this become the beginning of ESCX projects in indonesia though we begin from the base many people jeer our project we are always good because we have been running one year start from this day,may all be more success counting the process of cutting ribbon,tumpeng,and cake as the symbolic that Our Company has been opened cutting ribbon for the symbolic that PT Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia on Citra Indah come here for you wanting learning cryptocurrency chatting with me,developer let’s cut the ribbon scissors praying now is cutting tumpeng and cake this is the simple tumpeng for us these are our team I am claiming that ESCX may be the first token which is full airdrop project in indonesia as we know there are many projects that ICO IEO and many more and no one continues but ESCX brave doing it signed with the Establishment of our office and also there have been some products that i will show,here are 8 products 8 products in ESCX for ESCX demand in market and escx will be listed on VIndax 12 Oct 2019 and it is possible to list in other big markets.just wait for it who is hater of ESCX that can’t be listed in Indodax or Kucoin even binance see it later we will always keep going and will prove it to them I am gratefull to haters If There were no Haters ,ESCX wouldn’t be known first we will cut tumpeng symbolic for opening PT.Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia and cake for the reminder that this day is grand opening of our company and also grand opening ESCX token may this will be the project that is the best in Indonesia cutting tumpeng this first symbolic is for my mother this first symbolic I give to my mom who is looking after me and also this is my appreciation for her keeping me to be President director and CEO symbolic of my affection to mom I ask the prayer pray for this project no trouble in our Company amiin next the rundown of blowing candle ESCX cake blowing candle rundown we hope together,and pray 5 seconds may we have no trouble in our project we pray together 5 seconds and together blow the candle praying finish,blowing together counting we also ask your willingnes to support and pray that these project can run with no trouble process of giving education to our employee as admin,mentor and team of ESCX

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  1. Sukses bang, saya doakan semoga coin ESCX sukses dan bisa seperti coin coin BTC, ETH, dn sebagainya, semoga ESCX cpt rilis di indodax, dan semoga nilai IDR coinny bisa tinggi, dan semoga coinnya bisa jangka panjang, sukses sya akan simpan coin dari airdrop sampai 5/10thn kedepan untuk lihat perkembangan coinnya siapa tau nanti kayak BTCπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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