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ah is the mintage foolish cream Harper
aye captain coins hmm this coin she say oh it doesn’t say
anyone here in Cuba from the Philippines maybe the city like Saudi like this coin
this coin is awesome has an integer of one mean eight thousand it’s made in a
silver so point nine two five percent silver and the rest is copper it’s quite
a large coin I’m not gonna take that a packet because it actually protects the
coins so here we have George six the great Britannia or me on Rex Phil I
defend their India Imperial so that means the grace of God Britannia King of
Britannia so Britannian on me on Rex means king of a Great Britain whatever
UK whatever faithful defender and they impure emperor of India and this comb is
only issued two years so 1978 which is the very year it’s
about 100,000 minted and there’s actually the process actually doubled
this coin so this coin average price is about forty Australian dollars the 38
coin is probably at least eighteen probably even more because this lot more
competition first whatever coin so I know it’s a few pennies
I love these pennies ever since I was a little kitty so 1921 beautiful all
pretty much the same some dates are rarer so this 1921 actually has a
mintage Oh my trusty coin book
let me turn around one penny 438,000 so that’s quite a lot of coins 1922 quite
old it’s a mintage of about 12 million okay
okay they got terminal washing machine off I’ll be back in a minute okay sad thing about coin checks is that
no sometimes you have to go away because you’ve got never stuff you’re doing and
on 23 penny as a mintage of 344,000 so we’re from 12 million to free me
that’s the minty domain so like current coins you know you have high mintage
years you have low mintage years and I’ll be doing that is the same with
ancient coins and actually they have any on the table here because I didn’t get
any out anyway another coin I got this one’s awesome this is my favorite trade
commemorative floor on you know I’m probably 15 20 dollars high conditions
that’s probably the lowest this one is awesome as the first Australian
Parliament House in the Menem then this was actually issued to commemorate deep
Parliament House there’s a desert Johnson that’s really Australian thank
you very much anyway doesn’t what coins do you like to collect do you like this
commemorative Lauren awesome coin is that this actually turns quite well
the tiny on this coin is not actually good but epic wins up better and I have
another commemorative coin 1951 triumph Lauren issued to commemorate 50 years of
the Federation of Australia which was in 1901 and it was on the 1st of January
New Year’s Day it has I can’t remember what you call that
there’s a sword it’s a crown of it would do thirdly the Southern Cross which
represents Australia Brazil New Zealand Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands what
else Samoa and probably a few other countries
heaven and we have the seven-pointed style which represents every state and
once point east for the territories this has a mintage of 2 million the
nation would say this is in pretty good grade and it has George
six on the back so not bad and there is actually a commemorative coin from 1934
but that’s very expensive because a few hundred dollars just to get one coin and
I can afford that but if I ever get it I’ll have to show you this because it’s
an awesome coin so anyway here we have a coin from 1954 and Oh with these
Florence after 1946 250 percent silver so this will probably be 50 percent
copper and tin not too sure on exactly whatever metals are actually in the coin
and it has a lion William good I made a video about my silver coins it’s gonna
be up later but I seem to have sold a lot of them so anyway this one is a
silver coin either has we’re such a thing okay top chair hmm yes things going papal where Betsy is
all coming from anyone you come from Australia does is definitely Australian
in q2 bono you come from the Philippines yes or anywhere else that people come
from not too sure so while I’m waiting this coin is a lion
represents in na Kingdom the United Kingdom they probably never had lines
ever in the kangaroo represents Australia it’s probably ever a grey
kangaroo or red kangaroo because the grey kangaroo is the most widespread
even those new kangaroos virtually in the centre of Australia the we leave
because it’s too wet this one was Elizabeth that second a bad coin so
they’re MOT recent Australian some quotes that I’ve got another country
they love anyone here collect the coins of Haiti beautiful so this one is one of
56 in between about 1908 so lose 50 cents from 1908 then about 50 is 56
they actually issued no coins free for about 50 years actually had these ones
in circulation then I probably supplemented with by United States coins
which these were circulated at five cooled a Gore their captain I don’t know
how to pronounce it Eagles when you’ll stoller so this was
50 cents so this is about tenuous sense at the time
and with the coins are high ET you can see their dictators on them these are
pretty much of presidents that run the coins I should write down the names I’ll
make a video go into different pressures so this is a 1956 this could be Papa Doc
Papa Doc with a dictator and his son baby doc up into the mid 70s and I
actually ruled ET there should be a movie where
hmm so he’s 1949 another dictator and here is a one in better condition 20
cents 1907 so this design was actually issued during about 1904 1905 depending
on a denomination that has had the coat of arms liberty equality fraternity and
there in copper nickel so those coins are food soever coins have gotten
circulation in Australia here I have a one Australian dollar 1984 this is in
quite good condition there’s a mintage of our 185 million roughly reading it
and Oh as kangaroos now I’m wondering what type of kangaroos these would be
mmm this would probably be the same probably grey kangaroos or eken well it
could be a red kangaroo or could be all kangaroos but they live around my area
and actually before they actually boot the train line at the front they used to
come and crap all over my yard so you saw it in the morning pop movie a lots
of our kangaroopoo everywhere so no but it’s pretty much just grass anyway and
here I have a 1985 this that’s about 30 million minted not bad again for some
reason this was included as part of coin of the year in 1985 he knows actually
each 1984 that’s a bit strange so you can actually get these coins from
1984-85 in pretty good condition still here I have some ever coins not bad
this design I actually don’t like there’s a reverse as an image over pre-decimal coins so this one should be
the penny it’s on the five-cent coin 2006 50 years of decimal currency this
is a five Singh Kham their ikki Nashua Coquina
which is widespread all over Australia it occurs in Tasmania in all habitats
services are very very adaptable species that’s – a lot of different types of
climatic conditions so it’s from desert to mountains to waterways and even our
island conditions and also occurs in Papua New Guinea is the ten cent and he
says the fruit pants so they may be hmm copier yeah it could be a red kangaroo I
think the red kangaroo is on the coat of arms but these coins not necessarily
actually represent the coat of arms so do I have a 50 cent coin o-over
Federation’s distinct coins so these ones have the coat of arms of different
states this one noosa New South Wales there’s a kangaroo that’s probably a
grey kangaroo in the line and it has a various there’s a Southern Cross in
various ever-so has a looks like a hit of it Oh what I call the Knights armor
he has some wheat don’t know what that is anyway these ones have a low mintage
so if you’re in Australia come across these keep them they only have between
one and a half and two and a half million depending on the state so here’s
one for Tasmania beautiful decides to file Essenes or Tasmanian Tigers in
there and it has various stuff that they produced in the state in the middle
and it has Latin dinner bottom I can actually read that awesome
not bad it’s a problem as you can see it’s like a slut doubling on the edge a
this occurs it’s quite often common on the 2001 coins so as you can see it’s
more clear there generally if you get a coin from 2001 that’s what you’ll find
here is the federation 20 cent coins from victoria yeah in that has oath as a
Flynn Street Station so when I was a little kid whenever we meet friends we
actually usually go to this place this is a meeting place in Melbourne so if
you come to Melbourne someone says I’ll meet you at Flinders Street they
actually mean in front of this building so before the entrance and the hell of a
lot of people meet then the last place to actually be so here’s the coat of
arms William Gould this looks like it’s a red kangaroo
I’d have to actually read it so I have to go to straighten government website
and see what the specifications of the coat of armor and it has an emu as well
any me actually is good eating tastes good Oh 1996 coin not too common but not
really oh I hear something that means my wife
is home that means I better start cooking dinner to get into trouble but
here yeah I have a novel one dollar this is a lie vintage 2000 coin unfortunately
this is not the mule the mule actually has a reverse that is actually on the
10-cent coin so the Queen should actually be decide and
you should actually see on this side you should see um some doubling on the side
that’s actually similar to this so if you find one of those in 2000 so collect
elite 2000 coins and just go from UK no you can find the information on the
internet it’s quite easily so anyway I’ve better leave it there because my
wife is home I hope you enjoyed his chat and just leave a comment down below if
you want me to talk about anything specific because this was not actually a
plan so I didn’t have anything lined up maybe I’ll make these chats more regular
because I quite like them just sitting here talking to people but I actually
prefer feedback so ask questions give me something to do people because you
settle ones watching so and I like to help yourself thank you
very much they were awesome time people who

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