24 thoughts on “JUNE: Bitcoin Pump or Dump? – Whales Driving This Market – Fidelity Mining BTC – Soon: Big Tron News”

  1. Litecoin is awesome <insert cough> I've never sent the wrong amount with xrp, out of hundreds of transactions I've done with xrp not one has been faulty. Short litecoin and PoW and long xrp.

  2. When you guys put a stop in place, do you buy tether? or do you sell for fiat? or is there a better way of doing it? CHRIS, could you answer this or can anyone help please to what would be the best decision to make? I'm tired of not accumulating more as it goes down and then back up. So can anyone give me advise to what I should do when the market starts to take a dive??? PLEASE HELP thank you

  3. Hi Chris, the only thing I find offensive here is you only have 11k subs. That's some disrespect!! You should be 111k+
    Cheers for your hard work.
    Cryptopia – an inside job.Get to walk away and repeat the same scam, but during the bull run. Yes they should be black listed.

  4. Whoa! Bro! That new intro is bad ass! I like the fist it's like the crypro revolution is punching you right in the fucking face!!!

  5. break to the down side (I hope as it means I can buy more BTC!). Great intro, feel the power! Your so right about being an easy market to move… Even your trading group is potentially powerful enough to pump a low cap coin. 🙂

  6. Dude, your catchphrase makes me cringe every time I hear you gutterly say lets jump into the markets. I can’t click off the video fast enough. Even though I know there is probably something worth sticking around for, nah… can’t get past it. Maybe I am the outlier. But if not…lose that shit bro.

  7. Nice new intro. Although you better make a new video because as you can see Bitcoin is been pumping pretty hard

  8. THIS IS BS!!!!! Many idiots and moronic TAs told me that Bitcoin were supposed to retraced to $4000-$4500 levels by June 2019… I'm telling my mom… and they'll be sorry :(((

  9. YO YO YO DOG!
    I bought bitcoin at $7910 with a 10x position!
    Sold 5 hours later at $8622, 70%
    Sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horn.

  10. Elon Musk tweets an idea resulting in $20M fine from the fuckwits at the SEC.
    Justun Sun tweets similar and gains 20% in stock price… welcome to the wild west of crypto where all your assets in craptopia can be stolen and the owner fronts up for second go with impunity.
    So a re-org is fine on the BCH blockchain to combat stolen funds but not for binance? WTF is this rubbish? Where are all the bleating nay-sayers demanding BCH not fuck with the past recorded blockchain?
    This is looking more like a club for fucking criminals and their supporters as long as there is money in it.
    Fuck listening to retards like andrew yang (D) those fucking assholes (D) will be in jail soon so no wonder he is saying buy up now.

  11. Nice intro! Can you change the stars around the edge to be BTC symbols?
    EDIT: Also market not sideways anymore.
    BTC up 7.5% since video posted.

  12. We all say that there are ONLY 21 millions BTC – it is constant. But we keep generating by mining more BTC every single minute. Anyone explains to me please why we still have 21 millions !!!!!? Am I missing something?
    Thanks for the content

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