14 thoughts on “Jump in Cryptocurrencies Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, BitPay's Singh Says”

  1. I remember buying BITCOIN for $3,300 in February And today its $8,650

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  3. Square immersing into Bitcoin with Cash app was probably the turning point in the cryptocurrency industry.

  4. What the hell did he actually talk here…what has a private block chain of facebook or JP Morgan to do with bitcoin price or regulatory adoption?

  5. Dont pay AT&T with your valuable BTCs. Hodl, they just wont your bitcoins that will cost multiple times more in the future. Just give them the weak inflation money like the Dollar!!!

  6. HODL EVERYONE!! This new asset class that is crypto is here to stay and is growing rapidly. Remember the internet and web technology took some time to grow. Crypto and blockchain are the future.

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