JSN UniForm Tutorials – Video 11: How To Config PayPal

In this video we will learn how to config PayPal payment plugin on JSN Uniform. Make sure JSN Uniform extension is installed in your Joomla site. Go to JSN Uniform Integration page via Component menu item. On this page, you can see MailChimp and PayPal are installed available. They are included in the JSN Uniform extension package. You can see PayPal in the list of integrations, click on the Setting button to start configuring. In the Payment Gateway Settings page you can select one of two types is Standard Checkout or Express Checkout. We will choose Standard Checkout for the first example. Select Yes for Test Mode function so you can test your checkout in test mode. Enter Sandbox Merchant Email to PayPal Sandbox API Standard Credentials tab. If you using live mode you need to turn off Test Mode and enter your Live Merchant Email. You should access developer.paypal.com to get a Sandbox Test Account. With Extra Options you can add a Cancel URL, this is the page on your website to which PayPal redirects to buyer’s browsing if they cancel the checkout. You can also set the logo for payment gateway. Select “Yes” if you want to Archive Cancel Transaction. And Receive Confirmation Of Successful Transaction, it allows to sending email to the admin and submitter when transaction is done. You can also set the currency for your payment gateway. By default the Currency is US Dollar. The last one is Currency Symbol Position, you can select left, right, left with space or right with space. Click on save after finished. After adjust setting for PayPal, to test a checkout you need to go Form Settings page to configure for Payment Integration. And don’t forget to enable payment feature for fields you made the payment on. Click on the Save button and go to the frontend to test a checkout. Go to the Payment Form menu item. Select a product and license. Login to PayPal to checkout. Now, let’s start working with Express Checkout. Go back to the Payment Gateway Settings page. Select Payment type is Express Checkout. For test mode, you need to enter Sandbox API Username, Sandbox API Password and Sandbox API Signature. With live mode you need to enter values to the PayPal Live API Express Credentials tab. To get Sandbox API Express Credentials, you should access developer.paypal.com with your own PayPal account, visit Dashboard page and click on the link Account. Click on Profile under account name. A popup window will appear with several tabs, API information is fully shown in the tab API Credentials. Just copy Username, Password and Signature then paste to Payment Gateway Settings page. Finally, save and go to frontend to test a checkout. All the configurations of PayPal have been introduced. Thank you for watching. Please check our other videos to learn more about how to work with the JSN Uniform.

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