JP Morgan rolling out its own cryptocurrency

this is like Bitcoin put on a business suit got an MBA went to business school decided to come respect it's a cryptocurrency but it's backed by the world one of the world's biggest banks it's gonna be a walled garden not the pulpit the public can't use it only people who are institutional clients who've been bedded for KYC anti-money laundering can use it I could care less with Bitcoin trace for how it trades why it's raised hooot raise it if you're stupid up to buy you'll pay the price for it one day like a careless a Bitcoin otherwise I don't know I said anything about it the blockchain is a technology which is a good technology we actually use it it would be useful lot of different things god bless the blockchain crypto currencies and digital currencies i think are also fine you know JP more moves six trillion of dollars around the world every day we don't do it in cash it's done digitally if we done digitally with the blockchain so be it you you

10 thoughts on “JP Morgan rolling out its own cryptocurrency”

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