Jose Rodriguez – BITSO – Mexican Crypto Exchange – LaBitconf Chile 2018 Dash Digital Cash Brazil

[Applause] hi everybody right here from – digital cache Percy we are at Lovett golf in chillin today I'm gonna be talking with Jose Rodriguez he's the VP of institutional sales for Beach so what are the largest cryptic rest's exchange in Mexico the largest one the largest one see he's not shy to say that and I first of all have to say that I knew who you were but I didn't know your story until I saw your talk in an R Caputo which was one of the most which was one of the most powerful talks I've ever heard about this story how you left the banking institutional system and gone into crypto find out everybody I think there's some videos online it's I recommend but let's talk about the Mexican market right now how is that playing with crypto yeah well we have been open since April 2014 and this year we surpass half a million users in Mexico so it's been growing mostly in the last year because you know price going up and everything but there has been a lot of interest and mostly what is important is beyond training and speculation there have been some use cases that we have developed in Mexico like for example international payments starting exploring remittances we are implants to open our to open up our card program for everyone so you can have a bitch'll debit card next year and different use cases and also implementing new cryptocurrencies inside the exchange we currently have nine we started with Bitcoin in 2014 and now we have nine different cryptocurrencies listen so what is the plan and what can we do as a community to implement – digital cash into the exchange so this year we started with our coding listening policy you can go inside our blog blog beat SOCOM it's an English and Spanish and there you can see our coin listing policy and there's an email in which you can propose a cryptocurrency to be listed so whether community can do is send over some emails and also tell why you want – what are the use cases and there are some specifics that we to know about the different coins for us to push it forward so the more information you give us the more information we have the better so there's a comity afterwards and that committee decides which cryptocurrencies are going to be listed this year we started with our four new tokens that we listed through this process which which was true USD batt golem and mana so right now we are open for new proposals to list new different tokens inside bit so accident well the – community is one of these strongest and United communities among Latin America and other countries as well so I'm sure we can actually be sending tons of email towards your way and we hope to get some good news very soon hi how are you – get some good news very soon as well so personally for you what's your plan on crypto expansion what do you think that the markets in Mexico need is to grow well as I mentioned most of it is is interesting use cases and for example what Mexico has one of the biggest remittance corridors in the world which is sending one the two words from the United States to Mexico and from Mexico to the United States a great percentage of the population of Mexicans have lived in United States and have second generation third generation and a lot of people to go to study to the United States and there's also something funny going on there's a lot of people that come from the states when they retire to live over to Mexico so that's that's an interesting use case and actually like about three four years ago remittances surpass oil as the biggest income in u.s. dollars so that's a big use case the other one is making a Bitcoin usable anywhere there's a lot of people that say if you cannot use cryptocurrencies or a Bitcoin to pay for something you it's it's like it's useless so what we're enabling is people to pay with cryptocurrencies or make it invisible like for example through our car that we're launching soon that you can pay in the in the anywhere and so it's going to be an international card where you can pay with your bit so balance doesn't matter if it's in cryptocurrencies or it's in Mexican pesos and also for for institutional and for traders we have other products and services that we're launching the OTC and and are the different apps and things that will enable you to use cryptocurrencies for whatever you want wherever you want I think Mexico is a key country for the expansion of crypto exactly for that reason as well I started to crypto because I'm an immigrant I live in the US and I was looking into a way to send money to my parents in Brazil but once again everybody we're thinking for my chosen for a time I'm a big fan of your story and everything you do as well we're here in Chile at labid coffee and I'll see you guys later ciao for now six cravin canal edition tomato light stems presents twitter facebook Instagram you

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  1. Olá Rodrigo. Upa seus videos do Youtube para a plataforma, assim você e eu ganhamos quando assisto seus videos.

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