Jon Morgan | Get to Know Your Forex Mentor (2018)

Hi, my name is Jon Morgan and I am the live trader and one of the educators for Forex lens I Literally just got done with my first live session. It’s Friday December 1st 2017 and I wanted to do a short video just to tell you folks Who I am how I got to where I am and kind of my philosophy about the markets I Did have not done this as a career my whole life. I worked in mental health for 12 years and took care of a Lot of people patients in a department called psych rehab where I worked with mostly people who? suffer with schizophrenia and some severe bipolar But and I loved that work I loved I loved taking care of people and helping heal people but I also had a huge passion for for the markets and it I’ve always just had a drive for it and it’s I mean if you’re here listening to this or or you’ve been trading you you try feel like you probably have like almost an Addiction to it. It’s it’s so fascinating I Went through a lot of trial and and And kind of personal pain with you know for myself, and and my and my family To get to profitability to get to being successful as a trader It is not an easy process, but you can get there and Some of the roadblocks that were in the way for me are the things that I want other traders who are aspiring to be Independent and successful on their own. I want to help them avoid those. I sound like I’m in an infomercial or a support group, but There’s a lot of crap out there, and if I’m looking at my screens is because I you know Markets active the stuff that out there for new traders a lot of it is is you know it’s Simple and a lot of it is crap. There’s a lot of stuff that gets sold to new traders that is Sold as got guarantee for for making money like moving average cross overs or just throwing up some types of random Support resistance lines, or you know just drawing five Elliott Wave. I mean there’s just a whole Lot of things that are not explained very well and are not Sold to traders as as as an honest piece of information so We’re gonna Have a series of videos here where I’m gonna kind of go over a lot of different Various ways to analyze the markets how to look at the markets I’m also going to be doing live trading sessions Most the time on New York time because I’m in the I live in South Dakota If you don’t know where that is, that’s fine. I mean, it’s really in the middle of nowhere in the United States Yeah but You know I I will be doing majority of the live stuff on, New York Session, I’m gonna try and get get in to do some other ones as well. You know on the Oceanic And London as well but I want to be a resource and and You know a source for those of you who want to learn more or have questions? You know the reason I? Got involved with Forex lenses I was a little apprehensive at first because I know there’s a bunch of crap sites out there and most of them are Are just designed to be door internet door-to-door salesmen that you know just try and take advantage of people but These guys have their hearts in the right place. They are devoted to providing You know education and honesty and integrity in a Environment that is does not have a lot of that so you know this is as much of a labor of love as it is a career for me and You know this Trading is is if you if you’ve been at it for a while your timeframes get longer And so you find yourself with some time on your hands And this you know allows me to eat up some of that time by by sharing what you know has worked for me and hopefully it works for you and answering any questions you have and you know being a you know a Source of support for you so I hope that you you know you try out the trial I believe they’re starting a trial and You know if you find some benefit with it. That’s fantastic and Yeah, hope to see all around and Know each other more and have a lot of fun winning and losing in the in the markets you guys have a great day

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos Jon!! I stumbled upon one of your videos on Gann Square/Box and it made me to start watching your videos right from your first!! Thank you once again. Subscribed 🙂

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