JOKER vs JOKER (Dark Knight & Suicide Squad) | Episode 5 | Minute Match-Ups

(Laughing) You know, I like to savor the
simple things in life Like gun powder and gasoline. But most of all magic tricks (Laughing) You thought you could steal from me? Yeah. I you weren’t so crazy I’d think you were insane. So. You’re the one that
everyone’s been telling me about. Oh that’s right. And you have something that belongs to me and I want it back. You want it back? Then come get it! Frost! Cover me! On it! It’s for your own good, baby. Why So Serious?! Were the ropes too tight? It was all part of the plan, Puddin’. Besides I’ve had worse. Let’s put a smile on that face. You You promised me. (Laughing) (Gurgling) (Property of Joker) This Match-Up was only possible thanks to our good friends over at LootCrate. The super awesome, monthly, mystery geek box where you can get really cool stuff kind of like this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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